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Become a Personal Trainer

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Is sport your life? Do you spend hours every week in the gym? Do you wish you could have a hand in improving other people's fitness? If becoming a personal trainer sounds like the ideal job for you have a look at our three tips to set you on the road for your perfect career.

Make the decision and stick with it

Changing career is difficult. Especially changing to a field that may not necessarily be connected to your current career path. You have to have dedication and you have to know that this is what you really want. Think of the drive you'll expect from your clients once you become a trainer. Think of the way you'll expect them to push themselves to the limit. If you go into your new career with that same kind of drive and determination you'll be bound to succeed. If you're only thinking about doing it as you enjoy the gym and aren't really sure what you want to do think again. You'll only prosper if you have the true motivation to attain your goals.

Get qualified

This is the most important step. In order to work as a personal trainer you'll need to become qualified through different personal training courses. To qualify you must first complete a Level 2 Gym Instructor qualification. When looking at this it's always important to ensure the course is accredited by an awarding body such as CYQ and Active IQ. After that you'll need to move onto your Level 3 Personal Trainer Course. This is the level you must be at before you can be a practising Personal Trainer. You can become a personal trainer through either a taught programme or a work based programme. Taught based programmes tend to be the most common as they are shorter and easier to access. A work based programme focuses on individuals who either have a job or work experience in the personal trainer sector and focus on specific tasks and roles in the workplace. Why not check out our personal trainer qualifications

Search for a job

Once you've qualified you'll be able to start searching for a job. As with any career there are specialist personal trainer and leisure job sites where you can search for your perfect job. While certain job sectors may be struggling in the current economic climate there are still countless gyms operating in every city in the UK meaning there is huge scope to secure your ideal personal trainer role.

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