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How much should I charge for personal training?

As a newly qualified PT, you’re probably wondering how much personal trainers charge. And if you’re an experienced personal trainer, you’re probably wondering if you’re underselling your services.
Figuring out how much you should charge as a personal trainer can be tough. You don’t want to undersell yourself, but you also don’t want to charge too much that you miss out on potential clients.
Thought-out pricing is essential to see the success of your personal training business and factors such as location and experience will influence your rates. 
This guide highlights some important factors to advise you on how much you should charge for your personal training services and help set your personal trainer rates.


The number of years of experience and expertise spent as a fitness professional is the biggest deciding factor who what you are worth to your clients. Every personal trainer must acquire a Level 3 personal training qualification but the more years you work as a PT the more knowledgeable and reputable you become.
You may have chosen to study additional qualifications and certifications related to personal training such as sports massage or strength and conditioning courses. This expertise and knowledge will allow you to charge a premium and offer a wider variety of services.
Clients will also look at the quality of the service you are providing to them. Increased experience in the fitness industry will build up a good reputation that lets clients know you offer safe, enjoyable and effective sessions.


Although this is a factor you may not have a whole lot of control over, location is another big decider on how much personal trainers should charge.
It is expected that personal trainers in small towns and villages will charge less than personal trainers in big cities, especially in London.
Research suggests that the average cost of a personal trainer outside of London starts from £30 per session and £45 per session inside London. This is based on a 45-to-60-minute personal training session.
These prices are likely to be newly qualified rates and have the potential to increase with experience, expertise and reputation.


It’s important to remember that not all the money you make as a personal trainer is profit and you will have monthly overheads to cover too. Overheads for personal trainers can include gym membership, studio rent and equipment.
You will also have costs such as business start-up expenses, Level 3 personal training course repayments and taxes.
Overheads can be a big drain on your business revenue. By making a list of all the overheads and outgoings you need to pay each month, you will be able to assess and judge how much you need to charge per personal training session to break even and make a profit.
This would also depend on how much your clientele is willing to pay and how big your client base is. Be careful not to undersell yourself but also not to charge too much that you miss out on potential clients.

Unique Selling Points

Now ask yourself, what do you have that other personal trainers don’t? What is your unique selling point?
Do you offer to train clients in their own homes to provide comfort and convenience? Do you run a fitness group that is free for all PT clients? Make it known and highlight the services you provide that other trainers may not.
By identifying your unique selling point, you separate yourself from the competition in your area. If you don’t already have a unique selling point, think about your business, what it represents and your goals. Assessing your business aims will help identify what is unique about you are your business.

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