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What’s the difference between a strength & conditioning coach and a personal trainer?

Strength and conditioning coaches and personal trainers are both qualified fitness professionals who help clients achieve their fitness goals and improve their sporting performance. 

At first glance, strength and conditioning coaches and personal trainers seem to share many admirable traits and a deep knowledge surrounding the fitness and sporting industry. However, the duties and requirements expected of each are entirely different.  

The Training Room | 26/08/2022 12:06:04

How much should I charge for personal training?

As a newly qualified PT, you’re probably wondering how much personal trainers charge. And if you’re an experienced personal trainer, you’re probably wondering if you’re underselling your services.
Figuring out how much you should charge as a personal trainer can be tough. You don’t want to undersell yourself, but you also don’t want to charge too much that you miss out on potential clients.

The Training Room | 26/08/2022 09:00:00

Should I work out twice a day?

Exercise is well recognised for boosting mood, improving health and lowering blood pressure. With such great benefits, it’s easy to understand why some fitness fans may wish to work out multiple times a day, and why some personal trainers may recommend it to some of their clients.
Working out twice a day increases your physical activity level which can help you maintain weight, increase your fitness level, improve your overall performance and work towards your fitness goals. But you also risk overtraining and pushing your body beyond its limits.
Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of working out twice a day and how to decrease the risks that come with doing so.

The Training Room | 19/08/2022 09:00:00