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Top Tips for Marketing Yourself as a Personal Trainer

We all know the internet never stops evolving, and with that your approach to Personal Training should really keep up-to-date with the latest approaches and changes within the Digital space. Constructing a digital presence is essential for growing your clientele, targeting your core audience and establishing yourself as a to-go, informative Personal Trainer that new-comers will gravitate towards... and sign up for classes too!

Actively seeking out and learning marketing approaches makes a huge impact on your online traction, expanding your visibility as well as will give you an edge over your competitors. Being progressive and strategizing pays off! If you’re looking for all the advice you can get as a newbie or make tweaks to your current approach, we’ve got a couple of pointers to navigate and amplify your marketing techniques. Here are some of our recommendations:

Professional website

This is an absolute must! Investing in a professional website is critical for establishing yourself online as it will not only be a platform for potential clients to contact you but will be a space to present your credentials, your Personal Training ethos, and introduce yourself in a comprehensive way - it’s also perfect for breaking down your prices, location and programs.

Another aspect which you could add onto your site which is worth looking into is adding a blog. It adds an additional feature to keep visitors and clients engaged, show-off your expertise and expand your chances to gain views on your pages that you wouldn’t get otherwise.And, with 52% of consumers stating that blogs influence their purchases, it gives you a greater chance of expanding your clientele.  Add in some testimonials and videos too and you’ve got a fully-fledged portfolio with tons of potential!

Get going with Content Creation

The term ‘Content Creation’ is a buzzword in marketing and for establishing business in general. And there’s good reason for that! Rich content (so not only writing but sound, video and images) is a key driver to gaining and maintaining your online traffic. In today's market, a standard bio, price sheet, contact page and a handful of pictures isn’t really enough. People will want to know more about you! We’re curious by nature and the current internet culture is a strong reflection of that.

Incorporating thoughtful, rich content onto your website increases your Google rankings and SEO (search engine optimisation) performance in general. This might feel a little overwhelming to those starting out or if you don’t particularly consider yourself tech-savvy.

What’s important to remember is to create content around your own passions, topics that you know your clients are interested in - make the type of content you yourself would want to see as a consumer!

Get an idea of the competition

Not only do you need to understand what your audience wants, you also need to consider who  else they could be looking at too. It’s useful to broaden your overall understanding of the Personal Training offering in your area.

What’s your competition doing? What could you learn from them that you could potentially do even better? What can you offer and provide that they can’t?

A simple way this can be done is through utilising Google Maps and then looking at competitors’ websites and social media, reading industry magazines and press advertising (especially if you’re working solely online) and other online tools.

Email marketing

One way to keep your clients attention would be by making newsletters to send out via email. But don’t go overboard! You definitely don’t want to be that Personal Trainer who pumps out multiple newsletters every week and floods your clients’ inbox. Nobody's looking for that. But a monthly or bi-monthly newsletter is a fantastic way to keep in touch with your base.

It could include: success stories, general updates, offers, diet and nutrition tips. Other factors to consider would be finding your writing style and choosing a template that works better around the content you’re looking to include.

Encouraging referrals

Another really effective way to stand out from the crowd is by garnering online referrals from your current and past clients. It creates a sense of trust and tells prospective clients that you’re a reliable Personal Trainer as well as highlighting all the other positive attributes you’ve got that your clients recognise in you!

As your referrals grow, so will your online reputation. A way to keep seeing the numbers rise would be giving incentives to your clients, perhaps offering a free class or two in exchange for a positive referral. They make great testimonials for your webpage too!

Creating community

An invaluable way to sustain your online presence and keep it entertaining would be to establish a strong sense of community with your followers. This can be done through interacting with comments on social media, doing regular Instagram Lives, creating content based on the kinds of topics you find that your followers often mention.

Show that you’re relatable, easy to talk to and care about the opinions and feedback from the following you’ve built up.

Social Media is your best friend

Still haven’t embraced the world of Social Media? You’re missing out if that’s the case! Facebook, Instagram and even newer platforms like TikTok project your passion, abilities and personality to your ongoing clients as well as unique visitors. Think of it as your own visual resume that the world gets to have a peek into! You can show off your skills, approach to fitness and specialties, promote your website while working your way up to building a big audience who are invested in following your account.

It also opens up opportunities for collaboration and networking opportunities, creating fun interactive conversations with your audience too through Q&As on Instagram Stories and beyond! It counts as content and putting effort into your social media aesthetic will give you plenty of benefits in the long-term.

Starting off on your Personal Trainer journey?

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Our Personal Trainer courses have a really flexible approach, you can choose to study full-time, part-time or entirely online! Get started today to put your Health and Fitness career prospects into action.

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