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How to Become a Personal Trainer

HOW-TO-BECOME-A-PERSONAL-TRAINER-01.pngYou’re obviously passionate about health and fitness and it’s a smart move deciding to become a qualified personal trainer; you’re turning your natural passion for fitness into a rewarding career that you’ll love!
The fitness industry has grown by over 75% over the last decade alone and is now worth a whopping £4.4 billion! 

With more gyms, spas, health clubs and cruise ships seeking highly qualified personal trainers to employ than ever before, it’s pretty safe to say that you’re making the right choice by studying to become part of the health and fitness world!  

With all of that said, we’re sure you’re eager to get started! Here’s how you can become a personal trainer!

fitness-friends-plus-logo-01.pngBe a role model
While you don’t have to look like Hercules or Wonder Woman to be a personal trainer, having an obvious passion for health and fitness is a must. Your clients will all have different goals in mind and while some may want 6-pack abs and a strong physique, others may simply want to look a little more toned.

Along with your qualifications, knowledge and experience, your clients will choose to train with you based on your personality and your physical appearance, so it’s important to live a healthy lifestyle and become a walking advertisement for your business.

sit-up-plus-logo-01.pngGet qualified
Once you’ve decided that you’ve got what it takes to be a personal trainer, the obvious next step is to become qualified. Take the time to do a good amount of research and find the course that’s right for you.

Considering taking an online course over classroom-based learning? Here’s why a personal trianer e-learning course will work for you!

It’s worth thinking about what your own interests in training are and the interests of your potential clients in the local area, then tailor your education to become specialised in certain areas to help you stand out from the crowd and increase your earning potential.

Some of the areas you can specialise in are:
  • Gym based boxing
  • Spinning
  • Metabolic circuit training
  • Bootcamp workshops
  • TRX suspension training
  • Kettlebell training
Specialising your skills can help increase your take-home salary; find out more about how much can you earn as a personal trainer.

weights-plus-logo-01.jpgGet going!
Once you’ve graduated your course it’s time to get the ball rolling and start your career! You’ll have the choice to work with various gyms and health clubs or take your career into your own hands and start your own freelance business!

There are many pros and cons to both and you’ll need to decide which one is the right choice for you. If you do decide to be your own boss and go it alone, here’s what you should you be charging as a private personal

laptop-learning-logo-01.jpgMarket yourself
We’re sure you already share your fitness interests on your social media pages but having a strong online presence will help you to make potential clients aware of your business.

Even if you don’t have your own freelance business, you can still share your knowledge and skills online to help educate others to reach their fitness goals, after all, it’s one of the reasons you chose to be a personal trainer, right?! 

Why not try starting your own hashtag so people can find your posts, and make sure to network with other businesses in your local area to get other people to recommend you.

Being a personal trainer is one of the most rewarding careers around; you’ll get to help your clients smash their goals and feel fantastic!

Sticking to a gym routine can be tough, especially if your clients don’t yet share the same passion for it as you do. As their personal trainer, you’ll need to help motivate and inspire them to stick to their goals and keep them on track.  You’ll need to identify the best way to help each client in a way that best suits them.

Don’t forget - you’ll gain other clients through their recommendations when they talk about how happy and fit they feel with their friends and colleges! Keeping your client happy can lead to new business for you!

As a personal trainer, you’ll often find that your client base will grow around certain times of the year, for example after NYE and during the summer months. We all make those new year’s resolutions that this will be the year we finally get the body we’ve always dreamed of, or when we want to look and feel our best by the poolside in summer. It’s worth planning out some training routines that are a set number of weeks long for the clients that are looking for a quick fitness fix (you can always wow them with your training skills and convince them to stay once they’re already training with you!)

If you’re just starting out with your first few clients, check out this guide to give you some ideas to help get your clients in shape for summer!

There are many benefits to becoming a personal trainer and studies show that a career in health and fitness is one of the most satisfying jobs around. The ability to change your client’s lives can never be understated!
The success you can have in this career is limited only by your imagination; want to travel the world while working? You can do that as a personal trainer! Need a flexible career with days and times to suit you? You guessed it, as a freelance personal trainer you call the shots! 

Ready to get qualified and start your career as a personal trainer? Complete the enquiry from now to learn more!

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