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Here's Why Group Training Works

The fitness industry is booming, and more and more people are heading to the gym, park, beach or fitness class to workout.

With the rising popularity of sports celebrities and fitness motivators on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, we have more access to information and knowledge about the world of fitness than ever before! This has caused a huge increase in people beginning a fitter and healthier lifestyle. Millennials are bucking the trend of older generations and have become fitter and more health conscious than ever before.

If you’ve been inspired to begin a healthier lifestyle by your favourite sports star or social media influencer and are a newbie to fitness, it can be pretty daunting to just walk into a gym and start working out.

Whether you don’t really know what you’re doing in the weights section or wondering what the machine in front of you (with more pullies and ropes than an 18th century torture device), actually does having a friend by your side can help you feel more confident and comfortable while you settle into your new lifestyle.

New to the gym? Confused with all the new lingo? Here’s your beginners guide to gym chat to get you started!

If you’re a seasoned gym-goer, having a few fitness friends you can call on can help to mix things up and keep your training interesting. They might even show you a new workout that will leave you feeling satisfyingly sore the next day, or you’ll be able to go for those heavier lifts, feeling safe in the knowledge that they’ll cheer you on when you need it…and help you out if you struggle.

ladies-plus-logo-01.pngThere are many benefits to having at least one other person join you on your fitness journey:

Quit quitting
We all know how hard it can be to stick to your fitness goals, and how easy it is to talk yourself out of them! Making a commitment to hit the gym with a workout partner will help to keep you motivated when you just aren’t feeling it. You’re far less likely to skip your workout if it means cancelling on a friend.

Being competitive is part of human nature and it can be fun to try and out-do each other!  You can even make cardio more fun (and effective) if you both choose an exercise and see who burns the most calories in a set time frame. Ready, set, go!

Helping hand
One of the benefits to having a workout partner is the help they can offer you. You’ll be able to watch each other to make sure that your form is spot on – this means you’ll avoid injury and spot each other on the heavier lifts.

Boredom buster
Working out alone can sometimes be pretty boring, not to mention lonely! Plus, you can wind up doing the same routine over and over again – let’s face it, repetition can get boring…there will be a higher chance that you’ll start thinking up reasons that the ironing just has to be done tonight instead of going to the gym…

Having a friend with you can help to keep things interesting! Whether you plan a partner workout (where you’ll do exercises that involve you both working together), or just try a new sport like tennis, squash or Zumba – it will liven things up and keep you motivated – plus you’ll get to spend some quality time with your friend or make new ones in your group classes.

Try these moves with your friend next time:
  • Medicine ball crunches
  • Back to back wall sits
  • Reach and touch planks
  • Squat and push up
Recovery buddy
When you’ve smashed your gym workout and have a serious case of ‘Bambi legs’ the next day, you’ll have someone to spend time and relax with, but you’ll be able to stop each other from reaching for the chocolates and doughnuts and ruining your diet!
Don’t have any friends that fancy going to the gym with you? No problem! 
Group exercise classes are more than just loud music and shouts of encouragement! These classes offer health benefits, a chance to socialise and they’re great for your mental wellbeing. From kickboxing and aerobics to boot camp and spinning, you’ll be able to find the class that you enjoy the most whilst getting the chance to make new friends that share the same interests and passions as you!

Fancy giving it a go? Here a 5 popular fitness classes we’re loving right now and you will too!

lunge-01.pngThe best thing about working out with a group or friend is that you don’t even need to spend any money! Simply slipping on a comfy pair of trainers, grabbing your water bottle and going for a long walk around town, a jog in the park or a run on the beach is good for your heart, waistline and wallet! You’ll have the chance to get some fresh air, see some sights, catch up with your friend and get your body moving!

So, whether you choose to head to the gym, park, beach or fitness class, there’s no denying that working out as a group has many health and social benefits!

Want to take your passion for health and fitness and step it up a notch? Why not turn it into a career as a qualified personal trainer!

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