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Have Fun With Exercise On National Play Day (August 5th)

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Did you know there's an entire day devoted to play and activity?

Perfectly-placed right in the middle of the school Summer holidays, National Play Day gets us all focused on games and activity. This annual day - usually on the first Wednesday of August - aims to get children and families playing together. And of course play can mean getting physically active and even sport and exercise.

There's still time to plan some activities for National Play. Here are some free and fun ideas.

Play In The Garden

Even the smallest garden can become a play day venue. Host a playdate for your children’s friends, or keep it in the family if you prefer. If you've got a trampoline, paddling pool, football or cricket set, or a pair of racquets and a ball, you're all set for a festival of fun right here in your garden.

Outdoor Treasure Hunt

It's easy to get going on a nature trail treasure hunt, just head to the local park, woodland, open space or even stay in your own garden. Children’s imaginations will enable them to turn the smallest detail into a rich treasure. Nourish their mind and imagination whilst encouraging them to get active outdoors, with this totally free gift from nature.

Games In The Park

Take bats and balls, or a football, to the local park and have a friendly family game with kids and adults. You could team up boys against girls, or kids vs adults. Let the children choose their favourite games, and allow them to play for as long as they like to use up their energy.

On The Beach

If you're lucky enough to live by the beach, make the most of this natural resource for games and play. Running up and down shingle, exploring rocks, padding in the shallows, or simply throwing stones into a tub can all become a fun game that’ll really tire them out.

Family Swim Time

Swimming can always be on the agenda, so why not make it more special by getting the whole family together and heading to a different pool. If you have a local waterpark, wave pool or pool with flumes and slides, it'll seem very different to your children's usual lessons. And having the whole family there will make it a day to remember.

Ball Games And Team Games

Older children might like the more competitive nature of team games and paired play, involving a bat and ball. Perhaps it's something they already know and love (in which case it's a great opportunity for them to practice their skills outside of school), or maybe this is a great time to show them a new game.

Mini Street Party

If there are lots of families on your street, why not get together and plan a laid-back street party? The adults can chip in to provide snacks and drinks, and the kids can enjoy fun and games. Pool any play equipment you've got (paddling pools, trampolines, soft play equipment, bats and balls) and organise a few mini races.

To find local Playday events to join, check out the Playday website

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