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Have a Fitness Focused Bank Holiday

woman swimming in pool

It can be tempting to put your feet up and sit on the sofa for the entire August bank holiday weekend. Lots of people like to relax and recuperate, and don’t really achieve much over the weekend.

Another way of looking at the bank holiday weekend is to see it as a chance to get out and about and do something active. At the end of August, the weather is (hopefully) likely to be warm and sunny, so it’s the perfect weekend to plan something active and outdoorsy.

You might as well make the most of the last of the British summer and keep your fitness on track, rather than sitting at home doing nothing. Start planning something sporty and fun to do over the bank holiday now. Here are some ideas for a fitness focused bank holiday.

Adventure trips

Instead of going on holiday or away for the weekend like the rest of the country, consider going on an adventure trip instead. You can pack a lot of fun activities into a long weekend. There are so many different adventure trips you can go on, from walking and sailing holidays to rock climbing, coasteering and Bear Grylls-style survival challenges.

You can also go on weekend breaks with all sorts of sports activities included such as kayaking, paddle boarding and zooming down zip wires. Use the bank holiday weekend to test yourself on an adrenaline fuelled adventure break.

August bank holiday fitness challenges

Why not book a fitness challenge for the bank holiday weekend? Sign up to a 5k or 10k run, test yourself in a Tough Mudder style race or enter a local competition. Taking part in one of these events will give you an amazing sense of achievement.

See what races and sports challenges are on in your local area and across the country. If you can’t find one on bank holiday weekend, book one for September and use the bank holiday weekend to step up your training.

Outdoor swimming pools

While the weather's still warm head to an outdoor swimming pool. You can benefit from a refreshing workout in the pool and then relax in the sunshine afterwards. Sandford Parks Lido in Cheltenham has a 50 metre pool for more serious swimmers.

There are a few outdoor pools in Cornwall and Devon by the sea. If you prefer saltwater then head to Lymington Sea Water Baths in Hampshire. Click here to see a full list of outdoor lido swimming pools in the UK.

Try a new sport

If you feel like doing something different, use the bank holiday to try a completely new sport. You could simply try a sport you’ve never had the chance to do such as volleyball, surfing or some kind of martial art. Or you could try a new, up and coming sport such as ‘blokarting’, described as yachting meets go-karting, ultimate frisbee or sandboarding.

Head to the gym

Although not as exciting as some other potential plans, you can get a couple of serious workouts done in the gym over the weekend. Plan a few workouts for the bank holiday weekend to keep your training on track. You’ll feel like you’ve achieved something and earned a few tasty treats over the holiday. If you aren’t a member of a gym then perhaps you can look into joining a gym over the bank holiday weekend (provided they’re open).


If you are a bit of a water baby then head to the coast, a lake or an outdoor pool and try some watersports. Try surfing, kitesurfing, sailing, canoeing, water-skiing or wakeboarding. Most watersports provide a full body workout, and are hard work as well as lots of fun. Stay active and get stuck into some challenging water sports over the bank holiday weekend.

None of the above take your fancy? Here are a few more ideas for a fitness focused bank holiday.

  • Visit a National Trust site
  • Go on a fitness retreat
  • Take part in a bootcamp class
  • Do a workout at home
  • Go on a bike ride
  • Try Go Ape
  • Go on a run in the countryside
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