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Studio Cycling Event

Group doing a spin class in the gym

As we mentioned last week, our Studio Cycling Event was a huge success. Everybody had a great time at the Training Room studios, making friends, taking spin classes and picking up an instructor certificate along the way.

After the event, we caught up with our lovely fitness bloggers to hear what they gained from the experience. Here’s all the gossip from the day.

What made you get involved?

On speaking to our bloggers, it’s clear that everyone participated in our cycling event for different reasons. For many, it was their love of exercise and healthy living. Charlie from Run Round Town explained how she’s ‘a runner who loves to work with people and is looking to potentially turn it into a career.’ She was eager to discover more about what personal training had to offer, and this event was the perfect insight.

Others were excited to try the training. Alex from Alex’s Cycle told us how he’d ‘always been interested in cycling, and thought that the event would complement his current exercise regime and improve his understanding of sport.’ It was an amazing experience for our fitness enthusiasts and they really learnt a lot.

Best bits from the event?

For many, it was hard to choose just one. From the friendships made to useful tips and tricks, the cycling event had something to offer all of our bloggers. Natalie from The Blonde Ethos summed it up nicely; ‘I’ve met lots of lovely people, picked up some sporting and physiology knowledge, and I love the awesome kit!’

For Dani, This Woman’s World, it was the training that really stood out for her. She loved ‘learning new tips and the different ways people receive information.’ It was a great event all round!

What’s your best piece of advice for someone who’s interested in getting fit?

We received some great responses to this question. Many said make it sociable and fun; choose activities you like and don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. Others said make realistic goals and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Annie from Tales of Annie Bean’s advice is to ‘start slow and build from there. Patience is key to success.’ And we couldn’t agree more; work at a pace that’s best for you and take it one step at a time.

Fitness blogger Nick put it simply; ‘don’t dream, do!’

Each one of our bloggers agreed that they would recommend our event to a friend, highlighting what a great day it was. We can’t wait for the next one – watch this space! In the meantime, why not check out one of our fitness courses for yourself?

Global Administrator | 20/08/2014 11:44:22

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