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Fitness Bloggers Come To The Training Room

Fitness Bloggers at the training room

On Saturday August 9th, a few of our favourite fitness bloggers visited The Training Room studios for an insight into the life of a personal trainer. Gym bag in hand, they were welcomed with an introductory spin class; just a taster of the day to come.

It was a fantastic event that allowed the bloggers to learn more about what we do, and pick up a Spinning Instructor qualification along the way. Here’s a snapshot of how the day went.

What Went On

First thing’s first; a spin class! On arrival, our lovely bloggers were introduced to the club with a 45 minute spinning session. It’s safe to say it woke us all up.

Next we gave a presentation about group cycling. Here our fitness fans learnt what it takes to plan a session and how to maximise a spin workout. They were later given the opportunity to put what they had learnt into practice. It was a challenge, but great fun.

Then came what we’d all been waiting for – assessment time. In order to receive their Spinning Instructor certificate, our bloggers had to teach a mini spinning class to each other; and they didn’t disappoint! Everyone did amazingly well and passed with flying colours.

We spoke to…

Before we left, we spoke to the man in charge David Hawkins-Weeks (Regional Manager for The Training Room and keen cyclist/ triathlete) who let us in on a few secrets. If you’re interested in taking a personal training course, listen up.

What was your highlight of the day?

It has to be having a great time with enthusiastic learners.

How did you get into personal training? Was it something you’d always wanted to do or something you fell into?

I was a late starter actually, but always enjoyed helping others in exercise.

What advice would you give to people looking to become a personal trainer?

My best advice would be to visit a gym and see in person what being a trainer is really about.

What’s your favourite thing about being a PT?

I love helping people to progress in their work, it’s incredibly rewarding.

What qualities make a great instructor?

For me, it takes 3 characteristics: personality, enthusiasm and motivation!

What are your greatest challenges?

Sometimes it’s difficult for clients to follow certain programmes. In which case, it takes a little creativity to work around the issue and get them on the right path.

And finally, what are your top fitness tips for someone who’s completely new to it all?

My advice is to make it as social as possible. Choosing a fun activity that you enjoy will encourage you to keep at it. Regular exercise is key to healthy living and a good level of fitness, so get your friends on their feet too!

The event was a huge success – we can’t wait for the next one! Discover more about how the day went, plus exercise tips and tricks from our fitness bloggers in next week’s post.

Global Administrator | 16/08/2014 11:46:55

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