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The best 10-minute workouts when you’re short on time


Despite your best intentions, some days can be difficult to fit a full workout or trip to the gym into your hectic schedule.
But, if you’re short on time, even just 10 minutes of exercise a day can really make a difference to your health and fitness.
So, if you’re looking for quick workouts that can make you feel amazing, here are our top picks for 10-minute workouts!

The ultimate 10-minute full-body workout
Workout your full body in just ten minutes, without any equipment.
This fast full-body workout will boost your cardiorespiratory fitness, elevate your heart rate, burn calories, activate your major muscle groups, and boost your brain function.
Repeat each of the following exercises at a 50/10 interval, with 50 seconds of hard work carrying out as many reps as possible, followed by 10 seconds of rest, for two rounds in total.
1. Burpees
2. High plank leg lifts
3. Backward lunges
4. Push-ups
5. Jump squats

10-minute core workout
This 10-minute workout will raise your heart rate, burn calories, and work your abs hard.
Repeat the following circuit three times:
1. Side plank dip – 20 reps left
2. Side plank dip – 20 reps right
3. Russian twists – 20 reps
4. Flutter kicks – 30 reps
If you want to add some extra resistance, you can add in a dumbbell.

10-minute cardio workout
This 10-minute, HIIT style cardio workout is only four moves and doesn’t require any equipment.
Do each move in the circuit as many times as you can for 50 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds. At the end of the circuit, rest for 60 seconds, then repeat.
1. Squat thrust
2. Plank hip dip
3. Lateral lunge to single-leg hop
4. Forearm plank reach out

10-minute Pilates workout
This low-intensity Pilates workout uses small, controlled movements to target specific muscles.
Do each exercise for the number of reps stated, trying to rest as little as possible between each one. Remember the goal with Pilates is to do each movement in a precise, slow, and focused manner, thinking about the muscles you’re working.
1. The one hundred – 5 reps
2. Articulated bridging – 8 reps
3. Single-leg bridge – 8 reps on each side
4. Crisscross – 30 reps, alternating sides
5. Leg circles – 20 reps on each side
If you’ve got time, you can repeat the circuit twice.

10-minute strength workout
Strength training will help improve your flexibility and mobility while reducing your risk of injury. This 10-minute strength workout brings together 9 exercises targeting different muscles, for a full-body workout.
Repeat each exercise, working as hard as you can, for one minute, until you’ve completed the first set. Then take a one-minute break, before moving on to set two, followed by another minute break, and set three.
Set 1
1. Bodyweight squat
2. Push-ups
3. Mountain climbers
Set 2
1. Plank
2. Bodyweight split squat
3. Single leg hip raise
Set 3
1. Burpees with push-ups
2. Single-leg toe touches
3. Leg raises

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