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Gyms Reopening, The Return To A Buzzing Gym Environment

As we know, gyms reopened on the 12th April across England, welcoming back returning members alongside tens of thousands of new members. According to one of our gym partners, fitness fans took part in more than 1m workouts in the first week after reopening.

With most people assuming that as people were still at work or that the fact that home workouts were really the future for a lot of people, that gyms would be less busy, however, it seems to be very different situation with many gyms being packed for most of the day.

Gyms have found themselves with an increase in Personal Training session inquiries up by 30% since opening and have been extending their opening hours to meet with demand. It seems people haven't let the pandemic come in between them and their health and fitness, as evidently there is still a huge buzz when it comes to working out in the gym environment. Gyms being opened hasn't just helped with people's fitness, but many returning gym-goers are saying being back in the gym has massively helped their mental health. 

As you return to the gyms you might see some small changes to keep in line with the latest health & safety guidelines. These will include:

  • Keeping a social distance of at least 2 meters where possible.

  • Wearing masks in communal areas of the gym unless you are exempt.

  • Hand sanitiser and antibacterial spray being widely available around and on the gym floor.

  • Reduction in availability of some equipment and facilities.

Seeing as the desire for getting back into shape hasn't been affected by the pandemic, and if anything it is seemingly exceeding everyone's expectations, the need for qualified Personal Trainers is in fact, still in high demand.  

If you have been considering a career as a PT but have been worried about the industry after the pandemic, we don't think you’ll need to worry. It’s clear that the world's enjoyment for exercising and feeling great in their minds and bodies isn't going anywhere and they need people like you to help train them. There has never been a better time to make a start towards that dream career. If you are looking for more information on becoming a Personal Trainer fill out the form below and one of our Academy Assessors will get in touch:

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The Training Room | 22/04/2021 09:00:00

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