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Top CPD Courses All Personal Trainers Should Cover

You’ve finished your Level 2 fitness instructor or Level 3 personal trainer course, you’ve worked in a gym to meet clients and gain some experience and now you’re ready to further your career as a personal trainer.

The next step in boosting your earning potential as a personal trainer is to become a specialist in the health and fitness industry! CPD (Continual Professional Development) courses open you up to new possibilities, new knowledge and build your confidence, turning you into the ultimate fitness professional!

More and more personal trainers are advancing their skills and investing in their careers by taking courses in disciplines that include gym-based boxing, kettlebell training and bootcamp workshops to enhance their training packages and programmes.

Personal-trainer-CPDs-01.pngBenefits of taking a fitness CPD course

The fitness industry moves at a rapid pace and if you don’t frequently update your skillset, you’ll get left behind. Here’s how CPD certifications boost your career as a personal trainer:
  • Your clients will want to try the latest fitness trends they’ve heard about from their favourite sports stars, YouTube influencers and celebrities. Enrolling on CPD courses not only updates your knowledge and gives your qualifications some added depth, they’ll make sure you stand out, attract a broader range of clients and help you go the extra mile in your PT career
  • Look for courses recognised by CIMSPA (the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity). This helps employers identify qualified health and fitness professionals who hold recognised qualifications and are trained to an excellent standard
  • Competition for jobs in the fitness industry is increasing as more and more people train to become a personal trainer to keep up with the demand from the industry for qualified professionals. Having a range of CPD certifications under your belt can really boost your PT business. You’ll be able to apply for new and more challenging fitness jobs that suit your experience and align with your career goals

Bootcamp-workshop-CPD-01.pngPersonal trainer CPD Courses

You’ll be able to find a range of CPD courses that suit your interests and the type of training you want to offer your clients. It’s a good idea to do a little local research to identify what’s currently available to clients and where there is a gap in the market.
Here’s a little breakdown of the top CPD courses all personal trainers should cover:

Bootcamp workshop

Scrap the concept of standard circuit training and get your clients involved with their local surroundings. Whether it’s in the gym or in the park, you can make use of the terrain around you to give your clients a workout they’ll keep coming back for.
Training outdoors has many benefits – it’s fairly easy to set up, fun to plan and a great way to boost your earnings as you can train a large group on a weekly basis. Running bootcamp workshops requires a few key steps to make it really successful; you’ll need to find the perfect location and plan it out properly - here’s how to run a bootcamp training programme.

Benefits-of-doing-a-CPD-course-01.pngKettlebell training

Kettlebell training is a dynamic way to improve strength and cardiovascular fitness simultaneously. This course will give you the skills to teach your client a range of full body exercises, including basic, intermediate and advanced lifts using kettlebells.

Kettlebell training has recently been revived in the industry and an increasing number of people are incorporating them into their training programs. Why? The fitness industry is booming, and more people are focussing on strength training, rather than the aesthetic benefits of exercise more than ever before, thanks to the rising popularity of social media fitness influencers. Many gym newbies are too nervous to step foot into the weights room to begin with, that’s why kettlebells are so popular! Gym users can get a heart-pumping, fat-blasting, full-body workout in, without stepping foot in the most intimidating room in most gyms!
Find out why kettlebells are an effective workout

suspension-training-CPD-01.pngSuspension training workshop

Bodyweight-only fitness routines are more popular than ever! Your clients will be able to improve their balance, stability, co-ordination and core strength with this fun training technique! Invented by a US Navy Seal to keep the troops in top shape, having a CPD in suspension training can really help to attract a wider range of clients and boost your personal training business!
Here’s why TRX will become your favourite training partner

Circuit-training-CPD-01.pngMetabolic circuit training workshop

Increase your client’s metabolism and burn fat with this full-body training method. The benefits of circuit training are well documented and the circuits you can get your clients to perform are endlessly customisable (great for the client who gets bored easily!) You’ll also be able to hold circuit training indoors or outdoors, in groups or on a one-on-one basis, meaning you’ll be able to maximise your earnings as a personal trainer easily, while keeping your sessions fun for you and your clients year-round.

How-CPD-courses-can-help-you-to-go-the-extra-mile-in-your-PT-career-01.pngGym based boxing workshop

Learn the correct techniques and punch combinations with this popular CPD course. You’ll cover the fundamentals of a professional boxer’s training programme, including cardiovascular fitness, speed and endurance. Once graduated, you’ll be able to offer your clients a high calorie burning exercise they’ll love!

Spinning-CPD-01.pngStudio cycling workshop

Studio cycling classes (also known as spinning classes) are one of the most popular classes on any personal trainer’s timetable. In this course you’ll learn how to plan workouts as well as the main manoeuvres and cycling techniques.
Be the best personal trainer you can be with our range of CPD courses to keep you on-top of your game.


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