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How to eat healthily over Easter

Healthy food on table.

Easter is just around the corner, a holiday that’s famous for family, friends and of course food. Whether it be those creamy Easter eggs to the sizzling spring lamb, there is a lot to eat over the Easter break.

Unfortunately, although there are quite a few treats for you to get your hand on over the Easter break, not all of them are the greatest of news for your diet.

Eating in moderation helps, but if you are one those people who is holding true to your diet goals then we might just have the solution to your holiday eating dilemma!

We’ve put together some simple and easy tips to help you eat healthy this Easter and make it your healthiest and best one so far!

It’s Okay To Cheat

It all starts with a cheat day and we are all allowed one, in fact, some even say that it help with weight loss .

A great and easy way to eat healthy over the Easter holidays is to allow yourself a cheat day. Being healthy in your diet is all about balance and as a part of that balance you are gifted a cheat day for all of your hard work. This means that you can pick a day where you indulge in Easter treats, from those Easter eggs to roast potatoes, the world is yours!

The Breakfast of Champions

‘Breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ is the mantra, it’s even more important when you want to eat healthy over the Easter holidays. Having a healthy breakfast such as berry and yoghurt smoothie is a very good way to control what goes into your body, especially during the Easter break when you may not be in control of what’s served at lunch or dinner!

Get Down With The Veggies

Over the Easter holidays before you make a straight dive for the roast think about doing a hearty detour to the vegetables as they may be your saving grace in eating healthy over Easter. A clean and nutritious way to eat healthy over Easter is to go that extra mile on the vegetables. Not only will they count towards your 5 a day but the fibre from the vegetables will help you feel satisfied and full.

In other words, there will be less room to stuff yourself with Easter eggs!

Less Is More

The size of your serving matters, so much so that it can be the deciding factor in helping you eat and stay healthy over Easter.

If you are one of the many people who find themselves in numerous family settings over the Easter break, surrounded by food, then simply monitoring your portion size and sticking to the ideal portion of half veggie, quarter protein and quarter grain can go a long way.

This way you can watch what goes into your body while giving your body the nutrients it needs to stay healthy!

Keep The Eggs for Easter

With all the Easter eggs floating around before Easter it can be quite tempting to have a bite here, there and everywhere, which in the long run ends up taking a toll on your health!

A great way to eat healthily over Easter is by keeping the Easter eggs for Easter only. This way you won’t be tempted to have a cheeky treat until Easter and when Easter arrives you can indulge yourself as a treat for your patience and hard work!

Want to find out more about nutrition?

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