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Fitness Tips For Your Next Run

As you may know, we’ve just sponsored the Bournemouth Bay Run ! It was great to see so many runners out for such a great cause and was inspirational to see people of all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life out in force enjoying the run!

Here at The Training Room we’re passionate about helping people to achieve their full potential, whether that be through one of our personal training courses, or in their own personal fitness goals.

That’s why we’re taken this opportunity to come up with our top tips to help you get out, get active and achieve your full potential during your next run! Whether it’s next year’s London Marathon, The Great North Run or a Parkrun, these tips will set you up to succeed, whatever your goals!

infographic showing top running tips

Tip #1 - Invest in Good Shoes

Good, lightweight running shoes which are comfortable are the key to maximising your performance. If you’ve already found a pair, great! If you have a new pair, remember to break them in and take them out for a test.

If you are taking your new shoes out for a run, wear the same sort of socks as you will to run the race in and make sure that the run is long enough to see if they will cause any issues. If they are rubbing after only a few kilometres it might be worth re-assessing them to see if they are suitable.

Tip #2 - Train for the Course That You’re Going To Run

If your next race is up and down dale, then there is no point focusing in training solely on the flat. Try factoring running up and down various inclines during your training. (If there really are no hills near you, try a treadmill with different incline settings - failing that, the stairs will do!)

By mimicking the course you will get your body used to the various challenges that the course may throw up!

Tip #3 - Eat Well

Of course, a healthy and balanced diet will set you up to be at your best when it comes to running. However, in the days running up to your next run try a high-carb, low-fat diet. The extra carbohydrates will ‘stock-up’ your reserves and provide the energy stores that you need, especially in long distance running.

Tip #4 - Focus on Your Goals

Visualising your goals will help you to achieve them. Whether that be winning, shaving time off of your PB or even completing the race.

Whatever your goals, a positive mental attitude and a can-do mindset will help you to achieve them!

Tip #5 - Listen to Your Body

Sometimes you need to know when to take a break from training. If your body is asking for a rest give it time to recuperate.

Training, especially in the last few weeks running up to the big day can take it’s toll by pushing for faster times, over more miles. In the week running up to race day try tapering off your training. This will leave you fresh and raring to go on the day!

Tip #6 - Vary Your Training

Whilst cardiovascular exercise is important, don’t forget to add variety by doing some strength exercises as well.

Tip #7 - Work on Your Technique

Nail the basic techniques and you’ll be able to go far...literally! The sooner you perfect the basic running technique , the better. Good technique will minimise your risk of injury and maximise your efficiency.

Tip #8 - Dress the Part

Get yourself some good running clothes. Lightweight, breathable and quick drying are all good features of running clothes, running a marathon in a cotton t-shirt isn’t going to be comfortable! (Plus no one like chafing!)

Tip #9 - Hydration, Hydration, Hydration!

Staying hydrated is so important. Drink water and lots of it.

Also, practice running and drinking water/ energy drinks/energy gels on the way. This will really help when it comes to the race.

Tip #10 - Get Social!

Running clubs and running with friends can be beneficial. Learn and grow from each other, find inspiration and motivation to go further and faster.

It’s also great to be able to have friendly competition between like-minded friends and you’ll be more likely to stick to your training if you have someone to spur you on.

Tip #11 - Have Fun.

Whatever happens on race day it’s important to have fun! If things go to plan - great! If things don’t go quite to plan, that’s fine too. Learn from the experience, grow from it and remember the exhilaration of the race.

After all, what is running and competition if it’s not fun?!

If you want more running tips you can check out this article here, by Scott Douglas.

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