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Which Supplements Are Best For Your Client's Fitness Goals?

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Whether your client is working towards a new strength goal, increasing intensity or building endurance, sports supplements may help. They can provide energy during a workout, help build muscle and help with recovery after exercise. There are many varieties and brands to choose from, so what you recommend to your client depends on their individual fitness goals.

For endurance

If your client is an endurance athlete, you could suggest they take Vitargo Carboloader before a race. This supplement will help increase their stores of glycogen, which means they will have more energy throughout the event. It can also be recommended for bodybuilders to use after a workout as a way to replenish lost glycogen stores, which will lead to improved muscle building. The good thing about Vitargo is that it’s designed to absorb quickly, giving your client the energy they need while preventing bloating or tummy troubles.

For recovery – Post-exercise Protein Powders

Advise your client to drink a protein powder supplement immediately after their workout. This will help to replace the nutrients lost during exercise and start the recovery process. It helps to build muscle and will ensure your client recovers quickly. Recommending a protein powder supplement will ensure your client is getting the right amount of protein to trigger protein synthesis. This process is an essential part of recovery, as the protein repairs the muscle tissues that have been damaged during training, making them stronger. Try the Reflex Instant Whey PRO.

To get lean and manage weight

Certain supplements, such as Reflex Diet Protein, can be used to aid weight loss as part of a healthy lifestyle. These protein shakes can help your clients to avoid snacking throughout the day. As it contains no added sugar, Diet Protein, is great for clients wanting to restrict their carbohydrate content. Using the latest advances in protein and weight loss science, Diet Protein is formulated to be part of a healthy approach to a weight management programme.

To gain mass

If your client is looking to increase muscle mass, supplements such as Scitec Jumbo combine high protein, quality carbs and nutrition to help fuel your client’s workout and build mass without gaining fat.

For energy – before training

Pre-workout drinks, such as Hot Blood, include Creatines, L-Carnitines and amino acids, as well as vitamins and minerals, to support your body during intense physical activity. Explain to your client that Hot Blood is designed to make them feel warm when training to help them train more efficiently and increase performance.

For a snack

If your client is worried about eating between meals, suggest healthier alternatives so they can stay full for longer. Cashew nuts are a popular snacking nut because of the creamy, sweet flavour. Raw natural cashews are high in protein and fibre and contain high levels of calcium, potassium, magnesium, B vitamins and zinc.

If they are used sensibly, as part of a healthy and balanced diet, supplements can make a real difference to your client’s fitness, whatever their goals.

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Global Administrator | 22/04/2016 15:27:07

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