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You've proved you are totally Tough Mudder, mastered the London Marathon, you've conquered Ride London! So where do you go from here when it comes to setting your next fitness goals? If you find your friends, family and gym buddies asking for training tips, it might be time to consider a career as a Personal Trainer.

Shifting your career, in line with your passion can really change the landscape of a typical Monday morning. Personal Training can be a truly rewarding career; not only will you be able to share your expertise that helped you achieve great results on a personal level, but you will also see how others benefit from your learnings and how you help them to change their lives to become healthier and happier.

You won’t just be applying your expertise in fitness in a PT role, in fact candidates looking to make this switch will often find that they have more transferable skills than first thought. When you consider that a PT will require skills such as marketing, sales, admin and accounting to keep a good, reliable business running, it becomes a real opportunity to pull together a selection of skills that you might already have in your CV armoury.

So how do you get started? Where do you begin? The Training Room offer a variety of Personal Training courses which are designed to get you up and running as a PT quicker. With fast-track, part-time and e-learning options, there is a learning style to suit every lifestyle. If you learn best face-to-face, or you prefer the idea of a group learning experience, we have academies near you; The Training Room has 22 academy locations across the UK, covering Scotland, Northern Ireland, England and Wales.

When you sign up to a course with The Training Room, you will immediately be assigned your very own Career Support Officer, who will work closely with you help establish the right plan to help make your career a success; from tips on how to build a freelance PT business, to securing you interviews with our corporate partners, your career will be a key focus for our team, from day one.

This aspirational lifestyle is both affordable and achievable and could be within your reach!

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