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Embrace Cycling and Leave Your Car At Home

Man Cycling
The weather is getting nicer and daylight hours are getting longer. It's time to discover the benefits of cycling.

Have you got a bike lurking in the garage or shed? Now is a great time to dust off the cobwebs.

Swapping short car journeys for bike rides can have a positive effects on your waistline, wallet and mood. Weekend local errands, or your commute to the gym, are a great way to ditch the car and use the bike instead. You could even consider riding to and from work if the journey isn't too long (and if you're lucky enough to have shower facilities).

Here's Why You Should Swap Car Journeys for a Bike Ride:

Everyone can do it. If you know how to ride a bike, there's nothing to stop you.

Cycling isn't limited by age, gender or ability. Just follow our safety tips and use common sense, and you'll be good to go.

It's easy to fit into your routine. Cycling is a really handy way to get around, so you can easily kill two birds with one stone by riding your bike to the local shops, to the gym, to visit friends, or even to work.

Cycling is great for the environment. Short car journeys of less than two miles aren't eco-friendly. Swapping such short car rides for a bike ride benefits the environment on a local and global scale, saving fuel and emissions.

Cycling is low-impact, making it something you can do every day or several times a day if you want to. But it still helps you get in shape, burning serious calories, helping shed body fat, and toning the legs, hips and glutes.

It's a great addition to an existing exercise routine, adding an important cardiovascular element to your week.

Be Safe Whilst Cycling

  • Use common sense to stay safe whilst riding your bike, and always remember these basic road safety tips:
  • Look behind you to both sides, and signal clearly, before you turn, overtake or stop
  • Be aware of parked cars and motorists opening car doors into the road
  • Always obey traffic lights and road signs for your safety and the safety of others
  • Don't ride on the pavement unless there's a dedicated cycle path
  • Never listen to music or wear headphones whilst cycling
  • Wear a cycle helmet even for short local routes
  • Make sure your bike and its components - chain, gearing, brakes, tyres - are well maintained.

Grasp the Opportunity

Not only is cycling beneficial for your health and fitness, it’s a good opportunity to get out into the great outdoors. Many people won’t have ridden a bike since they were a child, so cycling as an adult can be a fun form of exercise and a lovely change from sitting in traffic on the way to work, the gym, or wherever your diary needs you to be.

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Global Administrator | 30/04/2015 12:52:32

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