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Second Job as a Personal Trainer

Jane Woodhead is a Personal Trainer, after studying part time with The Training Room while continuing with her full time job. She works full time as a Partner in a PR firm and in her spare time personal trains, coaches boxing, teaches spinning and body combat and has just started to run boot camps.

jane woodhead personal trainer

After completing my Personal Training Course with The Training Room I have been inspired to do more and more – I thought I had the fitness bug before I started my studying -  now it has just been taken to another level.

And this week I was absolutely delighted to be chosen as a face and ambassador of a world-renowned sporting product.

Optimus Protein, which prides itself in only using natural ingredients and making all of its products at its warehouse in St Helens, Merseyside, has given me the honour of representing its brand.

I owe so much to The Training Room – it is through the course, which I actually studied part-time while continuing to work full time as a Partner and Account Director at award-winning PR firm, Paver Smith, that I learned how to take my training to another level.

I looked in-depth at the way the muscles work and the type of training which I needed to do to ensure I could become as toned as possible and maintain this. The course also looked in detail at nutrition and the right foods to eat to achieve optimum performance and results.

It can be difficult to balance a full-time job with training but The Training Room taught me how to do this – and together with taking Optimus Protein this really has given me the energy to train myself before work, perform my day job and teach and train clients after work.

Better still, I can continue to enjoy my guilty pleasure of chocolate – Optimus Protein makes the most delicious chocolate flavour protein – it isn’t sweet – it is just perfect – and it is good for me too! What could be better?

And for all my friends at The Training Room you too can enjoy Optimus Protein at a discounted price – if you log on to: and key in “JANE” at the check-out page you will receive 10% off.

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