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Tips for Supporting Your Teacher While Working as a Teaching Assistant


While taking on a position as a Teaching Assistant, it’s important to build a strong understanding and solid working relationship with your designated Teacher. Being in sync when it comes to class rules, teaching styles and overall student guidance is the foundation for creating an excellent working relationship in the classroom.

If you’re about to start off your first job as a Teaching Assistant or looking to make conscious improvements, we’re here to give you some guidance as to how you can enhance your communication and cater to your Teachers needs.

Here are some aspects to take into consideration to sustain a productive classroom environment, and qualities you can develop to impress your Teacher which will allow them to know they can depend on you.

Learn more about how to exhibit your passion for student development:

Use your initiative in the classroom

It might take a little while to initially find your footing and operate in the classroom in those first couple of weeks, but try and break out from that tentative stage as soon as you can. You can help your Teacher out a lot by taking it upon yourself to actively attend to students at the appropriate moments without waiting to be given instructions.

This makes your Teachers job easier as it will allow them to keep focusing on the topic at hand while knowing you’ll be independently reinforcing the lesson’s objectives and answering questions.

Be flexible and adaptable - teaching can be unpredictable

Arrangements can change easily depending on the lesson. That means your Teacher might have unique needs depending on the type of discussion they wish to have. So perhaps you might have to make photocopies at a different time than originally set, or help make changes to classroom setup and gather IT or art equipment. The dynamic of your conversations with students could vary from one-to-one or group discussions.

So, in short, expect the unexpected! Your Teacher needs to be adaptable and a reliable helping-hand for all classroom scenarios. You’ll gain a lot of respect by going with the flow and show your teacher you are dependable with all types of assistance.

Research the subjects beyond the class materials

Sometimes (particularly for the older year groups) you’re going to want to read up on classroom topics to broaden your knowledge and have more in-depth conversations with the students. That means making sure you mark out some time to do some research on a computer or even grab some books on certain topics!

You’ll be able to speak on relevant talking points, boost your confidence and display to the Teacher that you’re dedicated to being the best Teaching Assistant you can be!

Familiarise yourself with Tech tools used in class

There’s a lot of new technology that’s been introduced into the classroom to enhance learning from video sharing, projectors, computer-based software for specific subjects or reading programmes, tablets and beyond.

You’ll be a much needed extra pair of eyes to assist, mentor students with classroom tech and they’ll know they can count on you with any equipment issues. Familiarising yourself with new technology will help you with class preparation, help enhance student creativity and collaboration while displaying much needed core skills in classroom assistance.

Don’t be afraid to voice your input or share your ideas

Just because the Teacher is leading the class doesn’t mean you can’t add your opinion to making positive changes. Innovative, new ideas are welcomed in schools to give a fresh outlook and delivery on the curriculum and keeps students mentally engaged learning new material.

So if you’ve come up with some brand-new ideas from how to use school resources, technology, structure class discussions, have a chat with your Teacher at a convenient time to see if they’re receptive to your opinions and solutions. A fun idea that might cross your mind might very well get used!

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