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Back to School! A Guide for Students and Teachers

It's that time again, where all the teachers and students in England are heading back into the classroom. Teachers have been welcoming their students, and everyone has been getting used to the new rules and protective measures now in place. 
We have produced a helpful guide on how both teachers and students can start the new school year off right…
Back to School... For Teachers
If you are a new teacher or have been teaching for many years, this year back to school may be slightly different from the rest. Although with all these changes put into place, you need to keep thinking about running everything as smoothly as possible and keeping the focus on the things that really matter, educating the next generation. This is why we have pulled together a list of the best practices for starting off the school year well.
Set Out the Classroom Rules
When it comes to establishing rules and a baseline on how things will be running in the classroom, it's an excellent idea for this to be one of the first tasks completed. Take your time sharing with the class the rules that will be put in place, and make sure you explain clearly, answering questions along the way. Even if it takes up more time than expected, making sure all the students know the rules, this will make it a lot easier on both yourself and the students. If rules are broken, you can, with confidence, know that you have made them aware of the rules before addressing the rule break with discipline.
The Right and Wrong Way 
With the rules in place, you now need to make sure to show all of your students what the right and wrong way of completing tasks in your classroom is. Model both the right and wrong way of the procedures to them, so the instructions are clear. If someone is to do something the wrong way make sure you call out the behaviour; don't embarrass the student or make them feel bad for their actions, but address what they did wrong. 
Stay Positive 
Staying positive is so important in being a great teacher. At first, things can be difficult, and you may get negative feedback, especially if you are a new teacher. Make sure though you take this on as constructive criticism and grow from your mistakes. Staying positive also follows into how you deal with your student, negativity doesn't always work on improving students abilities or behaviour. By establishing good practice and a routine, with gentle reminders to keep them in line, you will find that students will react more respectfully to your requests. 
Back to School... For Students
Going back to school can be an anxious time for students, especially in the current circumstances, but to make things slightly more manageable, we have put together a small list of ways you can make back to school go more smoothly and start your year off confidently.
Start your Routine Early
Your day should start off nice and early, a great day should start with a relaxing morning. Waking up late, means panic and rushing, getting ready and forgetting essentials. You'll experience more anxiety for the rest of the day. To start, the night before try going to bed nice and early...not 2am. 
Start the day with a nice healthy breakfast, this will give you the energy and focus for the whole school day. 
Start Getting Ready the Night Before
Another great thing to put into practice is getting yourself ready the day before. Instead of picking an outfit and making your lunch in the morning, get these things ready the night before. This will save you a lot of time in the morning and can even mean more shut-eye as you can wake up later. 
Map out your schedule
Being organised is the number 1 tip for reducing stress. If you can be over organised and plan for everything you will have a solution to all the problems throughout the day. 
Especially if you have moved schools, map out your schedule and how long it will take you to get from one class to another and where they are located. This will prevent you from getting lost or walking into the wrong classroom, which is one awkward scenario no one wants to deal with.
Make friends
This is your chance to make friends, join social events and attend new clubs. Be sure to keep old friends but make sure to get yourself involved with like-minded people who will make your schooling experience memorable.

The Training Room | 10/09/2020 09:00:00

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