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How Best to Stay Motivated as a Teacher


No matter what industry, role or even country you are in, we all have periods where we struggle for motivation at work. If you find yourself in the classroom doubting yourself or your methods, it just means you are good at teaching, you care and want to ensure you are supporting the students appropriately!

So, even as a Teacher or Teaching Assistant, it’s important to remember that it is normal and what’s better; there are ways to increase motivation!

Ways to keep motivated

  • If you find yourself feeling a bit depleted, one of the first things you can try is to keep what you do, and how you do it fresh. We know that pupils respond better to varying teaching methods within different subjects, so the same principle should apply to you!
Tweak, test, change up your teaching methods - even if this is just for a session or two, or with a select group of pupils first. You can then identify what methods are effective for both your attention and motivation and the pupils’. 
  • Upskill or cross-train! Taking time out to learn new teaching skills or learn more about a particular topic can reignite that spark within you. Workshops are just one of many effective ways to do this!
  • Ensure you, first, are setting yourself up to be in the possible mental shape. The way in which you look after yourself does have an impact on your mental health, so ensuring that you exercise, eat well and get enough sleep on a regular basis can improve your motivation at work.

Why not try one of these for a week and mentally record any impact it has?

  • Discuss with your peers; you might be surprised how much you can learn from the experience or outlook of other teachers. Everyone, of course, is and should be different so new tricks or habits can be picked up to keep your work fresh - and this works both ways!
  • Do something different! Don’t be afraid to take the odd lesson away from the curriculum. Block out one lesson every now and then and teach something fun - this could be a life skill, a lesson related to popular culture or just something completely random! After all, it’s okay to abandon Pythagoras and his theorem every once in a while.

Jokes aside, at the end of the day you are working in a career that you love and, as with any career, motivation can fluctuate. Providing you still feel rewarded and excited by your work more often you have these struggling periods, you can be sure it’s just a burnout phase that with a bit of self-help will pass.

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The Training Room | 22/10/2020 10:00:00

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