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How to Approach Student Learning During Summer 2021


The school environment in England will take another step towards normality next week where students and teachers in secondary school will no longer be required to wear masks in the classroom and in common spaces. This will come as welcome news and a sign that students can permanently return to their classroom.

This being said, most students around the UK will have missed out on at least some form of learning over the last 12 months. Despite the brilliant job done by teachers and teaching assistants in adapting when needed most and getting pupils caught up since their return to a school setting, there is still undoubtedly a need for some time to readapt to both the physical learning environment and regular studying.

Here are some learning approaches to consider for your students (or children) this summer as we head towards the holidays:

Set learning days
No student (well, not many) wants to study during the summer holidays. It’s the time to relax, to unwind, to rejuvenate so come September they are ready to tackle the next term. However, this coming summer is just as important as summer 2020 in ensuring students remain on the ball.
It is important that students dedicate some time to their continued learning – this could be 1-2 days a week where they dedicate time to one subject. This could be difficult to maintain over the entire summer, so possibly set one hour for each day (9-10am for example) and then they can enjoy their own leisure for rest of the day. Some form of set learning days or hours, executed over the entirety of summer, will see the students fully prepared and up to date for the next school year.
Try different methods
Schools across the world have been innovative in their methods of adapting to suit their students’ learning, so don’t be afraid to continue some of these successful methods over the summer period. Set tasks for educational games, certain educational apps, or even brain training apps. Allocate YouTube videos for students to watch surrounding a certain topic. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, as more often than not the switch up in teaching method will likely pique their interest and keep them engaged!
Seek external support
Over the summer, there will be summer schools and additional summer classes aplenty, available for children across the UK to take advantage of. This (fingers crossed) could be face-to-face or, failing that, there will be many virtual summer classes also. This could also be an effective way to keep their focus and promote learning throughout summer.

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