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What to Expect Working in Key Stage 4

Pupils entering Key Stage 4 are about to embark on what is probably the most dreaded, exciting and important Key Stage of them all. For years, they’ve likely been hearing an inherited version of “GCSE’s determine the success of the rest of your life!”, so it’s an important period for them and it can really make the difference with a great teacher.

What You Can Expect

Trouble… just kidding. For the most part, pupils in KS4 just want to knuckle down and make the preceding decade spent in school count towards something. After all, this pretty much determines whether they’ll have the choice to attend sixth form and go on to begin further education.

Key Stage 4 is the first time in a student’s entire educational history that they get some say in what they want to study and gain qualifications in. Key Stage 3 represented a trialling period for students, where they begin to take new classes and pick up new skills such as cooking, graphic design and German. This could lead to the discovery of raw potential, or perhaps realise it’s not for them and rule out a future career. 

In terms of what subjects are involved in KS4, you can expect the following:

  • English (Literature, Language or both)

  • Mathematics

  • Science

All schools will also need to provide a minimum of one subject from the following areas:

  • Arts

  • Languages

  • D&T

  • Humanities

How You Will Be Teaching

Not that you will have forgotten, but Key Stage 4 is officially the business end of compulsory education. It’s the stage that really matters when it comes to the pupils’ futures and will likely contribute to and shape the particular field of work they will eventually go into.

Key Stage 4 officially begins in Year 10 through Year 11, with kids being aged between 14 and 16. In some schools, however, KS4 work can start in Year 9 and is commonly, *unofficially* known as ‘Year 9 and a half’.

As with most teenagers around the planet, a primary focus of theirs is to hang out with their mates, enjoy their hobbies and go to parties. Whilst this is an integral aspect of personal development, it’s the role of a Teaching Assistant during this period to ensure students are on the right track, keep them focussed on what needs to be achieved short-term and also make sure that the moves they make benefit their end goal.

Qualifications You’ll Need

You’ll need to gain some qualifications in order to become a Teaching Assistant. With The Training Room, you can gain a nationally-recognised qualification in only 12 weeks! In addition to this, you’ll also be provided with 3 years’ career support and the opportunity to interview at some of our corporate partners!

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