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Fun Valentines Day Craft Ideas For The Classroom

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, coming up with fun crafts is a must for celebrating and having the students get creative. There’s an abundance of different craft ideas you could go for and it creates a memorable, enjoyable experience and allows students to work on their artistic skills too.
As a Teaching Assistant, you can provide plenty of suggestions for deciding what craft to go for and help your students apply themselves and make an absolutely fabulous craft to go home with as a result! You can be there to encourage them, show them how to make their creations look the best they can be and ensure the students have a great time putting together their works of art! 
Want some of our favourite craft ideas for Valentines Days that will look amazing, cute and heart-felt? Here’s some of our top suggestions to get the students excited and ready to get creative: 
Keep it simple with a pom pom heart wreath 
A classic and super fun option for the kids would be to suggest making pom pom heart wreaths. Have them draw and cut out a heart shape from card with another heart cut-out in the centre. After that, have them take as many multicolour pom poms needed to fill the whole of the wreath with some help from a bit of pritt stick! 
They look great and as an added option you could have the students tape some string onto the back so they can hang wherever they choose to put them up at home. 
Make the kids laugh with a heart man with googly eyes 
This craft is really easy but very cute after getting to the end result! For making the heart man, you’ll need some red and white card, googly eyes, scissors, black markers and plenty of pritt stick. Have your students cut out one large heart and four small ones from the red card. 
Afterward, get the kids to cut out four fairly thin, long strips of white card and fold them up bit by bit to create a crinkle effect. Next, glue the white strips for arms and legs on the back of the red card then add the little hearts for hands and feet. Once that's done, it’s time to fix on the googly eyes then draw a smile on with the marker. Then it’s all complete! 
Suggest a ladybug craft with hearts for spots 
This is a particularly good craft for valentine’s day as it combines hidden messages the kids can create as well as making the insect. In order to make the ladybug, you’ll need: lots of red cardboard, plenty of heart stickers for the spots (red and black hearts would look best in our opinion but totally up to you), pipe cleaner for the antennas, googly eyes, markers to create the smile and also to write messages under the folded flaps on both sides of the ladybug and, of course, the other staples being loads of scissors and glue. 
These ladybugs filled with hearts and warm messages are bound to be a hit and parents will love seeing them come out of school running with their cute lovebug creations! 
Get them weaving and winding with cardboard laced hearts 
This craft is quite unique and a good option if you want to make the hearts extra-large for a more time-consuming craft. These cardboard laced hearts are easy to prepare, you’ll just need some sturdy cardboard stock, a hole puncher (obviously this part will require prep before class) to create an additional heart shape on the cardboard as well as an abundance of red string! 
The kids will have plenty of fun deciding how they want to weave the string into place while creating their own designs and will definitely keep them engaged. The end results look very polished for a kid’s school craft so these ones are bound to impress! 
Go a bit more advanced by creating a DIY cupid! 
For this one to go off without a hitch, you might want to consider doing this craft with slightly older year groups. You’ll want cardboard tubes, markers, pipe cleaner in gold and silver colours, some beige or cream colour cotton balls, markers and felt tip colours and cotton wool…and glue and scissors! The kids will be making valentines cupid characters with a bow, arrow, and wings to match! 
The pipe cleaner will be used to form the wings, bow and arrow and attached with glue (or you can use staples to help the kids get them secured) and then they’ll used coloured pens to create the face, the white cotton will be the hair and they’ll attach two small cotton balls onto the bow to give the illusion of hands. Easy as that! 
Try a simple mosaic style heart for a simple, fun craft option 
This craft is fun, simple and at the same time it gives the students creative freedom to design their heart mosaics how they wish! For this one, you’ll require some card, glitter card, construction plenty alongside some glue and scissors. 
You can cut out plenty of large cardboard hearts for your students and then let them go wild making their own patterns and picking their own colours to design their hearts. They’re easy to prep and are a straight-forward craft that comes out looking amazing! 
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