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What to Expect Working in Key Stage 3

What to Expect Working in Key Stage 3?
A pupil goes into Key Stage 3 or KS3 at the age of 11 and begins their adventure into Secondary School. If you decided to teach in Key Stage 3, in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, you would be helping pupils in Years 7,8 and 9. 
What You Can Expect!

Throughout education, all students must learn the core subjects on the national curriculum, which covers English, Maths, Science, Modern Foreign Languages, Art and Design, Geography, Music, History, Design and Technology, Computing and PE.

All these subjects will have targets and be tested. Pupils’ targets are an excellent way to give a sense of achievement to each subject. Milestones can be established for every student to achieve and advance past. They are also an exceptional way of keeping an eye on students’ progress and allows the style they are being taught to be adjusted to their abilities.

Students will also now be focusing on developing their independence and lifestyles skills during this period by selecting a pathway for their Design and Technology studies, this includes:
  • Resistant Materials
  • Electronic Products
  • Graphics
  • Systems & Control
  • Textiles Technology
  • Food Technology
  • Product Design
  • Design
All students will cover these subjects in Key Stage 3, and later for their GCSE’s will be responsible for choosing one of these pathways to go down.

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How you will be Teaching 

Not to alarm you but as an assistant for pupils in Key Stage 3, your job is as exceedingly crucial as the pupil’s efforts of getting an excellent result. The students are now beginning their route towards GCSEs, which in the end will finish with exams that could have a massive and lasting impressions on their life.

As a student goes through their education, the more challenging it will become, and as the Teaching Assistant for Key Stage 3, you will find that pupils will struggle more. You will need to be there for students more than ever to help them through anything they can’t cope with. So, you are going to have to go that extra mile! You can read our blog on ‘What Makes a Good Teaching Assistant’ to get an idea on how to be a great Teaching Assistant.
If Key Stage 3 doesn’t seem to be for you, check out our other blogs where we look into what you can expect working in Reception, Key Stage 1 or Key Stage 2.
Qualifications You’ll Need
To become a Teaching Assistant, qualifications are always best. You may find that having experience and qualifications when applying for roles will make you stand out above the crowd. So, if you want to become an assistant for Key Stage 3 or an assistant of any year, The Training Room can help.
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