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Social Media Accounts to Follow for Innovative Ideas

Social Media Accounts to Follow for Innovative Ideas
How to Use Social Media

Social media can be an excellent tool for a Teacher, not only can you use it to find innovative ideas and become inspired, but you can also use it to help inspire other teachers and even your student. Be sure to figure out the line in terms of acceptable use of social media and how it should be used before you start posting. If you misuse it you could face losing your job, so best to use them wisely. 
We have put together a list of some of the most innovative social media account to take ideas from that you could use on your social accounts or even in the classroom.
@TheTutuTeacher – This Facebook account is fantastic if you are looking for book recommendations for children at reception or Primary School level. She weekly recommends a new book with an informative plot summary and an example of how she uses the books in her classes. She also gives excellent advice on creative lesson ideas and resources on equity.
@FreeTech4Teachers  - Looking for a creative, alternative way of teaching? FreeTech4Teachers is a fantastic Facebook page that seeks a new, more exciting form of teaching. Every day you'll discover new tech hacks, tool reviews and new apps, that you can use to make your job as a teacher easier and more effective.
@MindShift.KQED – Mind Shift describes their Facebook page as ‘Exploring the future of learning in all its dimensions'. They cover cultural and technology trends, ground-breaking investigations, and discoveries in education. With weekly articles, podcasts and Sketchnote mini posters they share, you will sure to be inspired.
@Education_world – Onto an excellent twitter account you could follow, Education World! These guys focus on technology blog posts, academic study summaries, lesson plans, templates and teaching tips; to name only a few. A quick tip is to not miss out on their weekly deals where they sometimes offer freebies.
@educationgovuk - An important one that all Teachers should be following is the official twitter account for the Department for Education. If you want to keep up to speed with any industry changes or Governmental announcements as soon as they happen, you to click their follow button.
@tes - The Times Educational Supplement is one of the largest networks for Teachers. With hourly updates to their social; sharing resources, edchats, tips, blogs and discussions about the latest industry news. 
@artwithjennyk – If you are an Art Teacher, this is an excellent Instagram account, but even if you aren't this page will sure to get your inspired. From classroom art projects to amazingly helpful resources, this page will give you ideas that you can use for all school years.
@mathgiraffe - 'Teach maths with CREATIVITY', that's what Math Giraffe motto is. This Instagram account is full of maths resources that both look amazing and are super practical and easy to implement in your teaching. They make teaching maths easy.
@teachinghumor – If you are looking for a more light-hearted, relatable account that will make you laugh, this one is for you. Maintained by fellow Teachers, they share hilarious memes, images and video's that will be sure to brighten up your day. 

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