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Stuck in an Uninspiring Job? Here's Some Motivation for Making a Change


If your current position is weighing down your mental health or veering further away from your real ambitions and long-term goals, it’s probably time to consider moving on to the next chapter of your career.

Maybe your passions, interests and professional outlook have altered or what you thought you wanted to do simply hasn’t lived up to your expectations. It’s been estimated that 9.8 million employed people in the UK are actively seeking new work opportunities everyday.

If you’re feeling stuck or unclear how to navigate your career crossroads, we want to motivate you to make the necessary changes for your development. We’ve come up with some useful solutions to organise your job search and remind what resources are available to you online.

Get specific and orderly, create a to-do list

Sort out your thoughts and objectives by setting some time aside to create a to-do list. Not only will it give you an outline and plan of what you need to do, it’ll also help to prevent any procrastination or avoidance if you’ve created specific tasks for yourself.

Whether it be writing cover letters for roles you’re looking to apply for, interview preparations or investing in courses tailored towards your desired career.

When you see your targets and aspirations all laid out, it makes the process far more manageable and inspires your productivity to overcome your current situation.

Can’t leave just yet? Focus on the positives

Acknowledge that you’ve worked hard and think of all the things you have achieved already. Review the parts of your working life that have made you feel validated or jobs that you look back on and have built your character. Don’t be hard on yourself or allow negative thoughts to sap your energy and drive.

Spend your spare time on what you can control and seize the opportunity to find what really fulfills you. Just know that if you keep focusing on your daily targets, build connections, research, find new opportunities and prowl those job boards - you will get there in the end.

Set attainable daily targets

In order to help you with your ultimate objective (finding a new position that suits your career wants and needs) it’s advantageous to break this down into smaller, bitesize goals. Think about what you could realistically achieve in the course of a day or within a week.

On top of spending time on the applications you’re currently working on, these could range from:

  • Reaching out to a certain number of recruiters who specialize in the sector you’re looking to work in. Ultilse LinkedIn in or make note of recruitment companies you see on various job boards. With 77% of recruiters relying on LinkedIn, it’s an ideal way to connect on your job search.
  • Taking the initiative to write and send over open applications to companies who you’d love to work for.
  • Allotting a certain amount of time to research and prepare for any upcoming interviews. Think about what strengths and experiences you want to highlight and how they match up to the position's job description.

Seek feedback for perspective - on your CV and interviews

Knowing what you tweak, change or completely cut from both your CV and interview approach will put you closer towards your end goal. But a lot of people steer away from asking for help adjusting their CV or requesting feedback if they’ve not been successful in gaining a job offer.

Ignorance isn’t bliss in this case, don’t be cagey about looking for help! Finding out potential grammar or wording, formatting mishaps in CV could mean you get a lot more consideration from recruiters and hiring managers. Even by ensuring you note your key accomplishments in your previous roles too. You could ask friends or family to have a read through or find a CV critique service online.

It isn’t a legal requirement for employers to give candidate feedback in the UK, but it’s worth a shot regardless. Overall, 69.7% of candidates don’t gain any kind of feedback in the screening or post-interview stage of their application. But just because receiving feedback isn’t as common as it ought to be, don’t let this stop you! Keep persisting.

Change your scenery! And step back from the laptop for a while

Is the sight of your workspace starting to drive you crazy? Switching up your routine by swapping locations from your home for a fun, creative place to get typing. Most locations have Wi-fI availability, afterall. Heading over to a local cafe or library can make you feel more active and revitalize your workflow.

And if you’re feeling burnt-out, taking a break is perfectly normal too. If your screentime is becoming a lot to handle, spend some time outdoors or quality time with loved ones. It’s the best way to keep up your energy and still feel ready and motivated to find your dream job.

Enhance your skill set, take up an e-learning course

If you’re looking to prepare yourself for a clean slate with a brand-new career, there’s nothing like an E-Learning course to receive the encouragement and education you need to get ahead. It shows potential employers that you're dedicated to learning new skills, taking initiative as well as finding the means to improve yourself.

It’s a fun, flexible option to learn from home and while actively working towards obtaining a qualification in your desired field. It’s also super efficient! Research states student retention rates increase 25-60% when studying entirely online.

Those embracing e-learning opportunities cite the importance of working at their own pace and being comfortable in their surroundings. Up to 69% of E-Learners from a separate study state the main advantage as being able to have access to learning materials from home.

See what The Training Room has to offer

If you’re interested in finding a course to reflect your career ambitions, we’ve got a lot to offer at The Training Room. We offer a fantastic career support service upon completing your chosen course as well as the opportunity to be interviewed by one of The Training Room’s corporate partners. Your new career might be off the ground quicker than you think!

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