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The Training Room Brings World Leading Edtech to the UK

We’re announcing a new partnership today (20th September, 2018) with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) to bring this $100bn Indian tech company’s phenomenally powerful iON Digital Learning Platform to our learners and partners in the UK.  

The partnership takes The Training Room’s essential proposition of job-related training and careers support to a new level. Our new UK- based platform will be one of the most powerful in the world for delivering education and industry-related training through multiple different online learning methods – edtech on tap!
We’ll be rolling out an enhanced version of The Training Room’s own courses on the new platform, starting with personal trainer courses, followed by IT courses. But the platform will also host courses from many other educational and professional institutions as well as catering to corporate recruitment, training and retention needs.
For students at all stages of their career, the platform will be a gateway to courses, aptitude tests, discussion groups, mentors, gurus, job boards, careers advice, recruitment assessments, in-company training, CPD, social networks and links to real-life encounters and events.

For employers, The Training Room’s new platform will be a place to host training and learning resources under their own brand, overcoming the capacity limitations of other third-party learning management systems.

Andrew Powell, CEO of The Training Room, said: “Our mission is to help young and unemployed people develop skills, connect with employers and grow their careers. Until now, we’ve been training some 4,000 young people a year and providing them with one-on-one careers mentoring to get them into jobs with our network of blue-chip corporate partners across the UK. TCS iON’s extraordinary technology will deliver a step-change in our skills development programme: more courses, more connections, and more people enjoying fulfilling careers not just in the UK but internationally.”

“For Gen Z, the platform will offer a dynamic learning environment based on a mix of instructor-led, social and independent study, richly varied content and meaningful encounters with potential employers. For companies it offers everything they need to train, reskill and retain a valued workforce.”

Venguswamy Ramaswamy, Global Head, TCS iON, said: “We believe there’s an abundance of talent in the world, but too often there’s a lack of access to the right kind of training to nurture that talent. TCS iON’s Digital Learning Platform helps people to train and find jobs and once they are in those jobs, it allows businesses to provide continual development opportunities that are engaging, accessible and inclusive. TCS iON is delighted to partner with The Training Room to create a new platform that will give millions of people access to professional knowledge and experience previously beyond reach.”

A few facts:
From a simple one-off employee compliance test to a multi-course curriculum, the new platform can have content up and running within a few weeks. Companies, public bodies and educational institutions can save on capital IT investment and concentrate on their core business not IT development.
The new platform is one of few learning platforms in the world powered by CDN technology that allows the user to pull in and load video, audio and other content with the speed and efficiency of other social media platforms. No buffering! It also uses AI to provide an intuitive personalised experience for each user.
In India TCS iON is powering the world’s largest recruitment drive. 23 million people are applying for 160,000 job vacancies on Indian Railways. One million trees will be saved by the test being run online. A Guinness World Record was made when 170,000 candidates took the test at the same time. The system can support 100 million applicants taking any examination – that’s more than the whole population of the UK! (66.5m)
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The Training Room | 20/09/2018 07:00:00

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