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You Got a Job Offer! But How Do You Determine If It’s Right For You?

Congratulations if you’ve received a new job offer that you’re considering taking! Right now, the UK job market is booming with an unprecedented increase in job openings. From July to September 2021, there was a record breaking high in available openings with 1,102,000 jobs advertisements - quite a jump from 318,000 pre-pandemic.

With this in mind, there’s plenty of opportunities to take advantage of this huge demand and potentially get yourself multiple job offerings if you’re currently looking for new work. So, if you are currently mulling over whether you should accept or decline a particular job offer, try and bide your time to really meditate over your decision and weigh out all the possibilities. 
Also, lower paid wages have dropped since the pandemic by 72% making the market much more competitive! Job searchers have increased options to ponder over and with work-from-home becoming the norm, there’s also an influx of remote working positions. As of March this year, approximately 60% of workers are still operating from home. Totaljobs alone have seen a 40% increase of users seeking remote work. With the ball in your court after getting great news of a job offer, it’s definitely important to think about all aspects of the job in mind and how it would benefit you. Here’s some of our top elements to consider before picking up the phone or firing off that acceptance email: 
Pros ultimately outweigh the cons 
It might seem old fashioned, but it still works a treat. Making a pros and cons list will help evaluate and organise your thoughts to really think about whether or not the position is suitable for you. You’ll be clearly able to examine all the risks, see the main benefits of the job, work/life balance if they offer competitive benefits - the methodical approach pays off! 
This way, you’ll be able to determine whether it’s worth taking on the position and if you could tolerate or make concussions for the cons that crop up. It’ll outline just the facts, highlight the all positives and negatives - the balance of pros vs cons will determine whether or not the job is worth your further consideration. 
If instinctively feel something isn’t quite right, listen to your gut
Your intuition is far more powerful than you might think. And now, there’s even scientific evidence to back it up! Your intuition is drawn from many deep, distant memories from your past that inform your decision in the present day - in a way, it acts a lot like data. Subconsciously, we spot patterns and our body starts firing off neurochemicals in the gut then into the brain. So, emotion and intuition do have a presence in the gut. Our gut’s enteric nervous system (ENS) overall contains 100 million neurons - that’s more than the spinal cord! When you get a nervous feeling in your stomach when making a hard decision, well, now you know it’s from a chemical reaction of your neurons working on overdrive! 
So if you thought that maybe your interviewer was being disingenuous or that something you couldn’t quite put your finger on felt off - it’s worth taking your gut feeling into consideration when making your final decision. 
Are you excited about the job? Can you see yourself working with the manager? 
Just because you could very well do the job well or feel like it would be a good level-up on your resume doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right call. If you’re not enthused about doing the job or garner much excitement about taking up the position whatsoever, not only are you going to get bored very quickly but it could put a dampner on your mental health. You don’t deserve to feel uninspired, so try not to commit to a role that you just aren’t into. 
Also, if you feel as though you clashed a bit with the manager then imagine what it would be like if they became your boss! Perhaps they’d be a lot different in a work setting but it might be a foreshadowing of things to come. Keep these thoughts and feelings in mind, listen to any red flags.
Think about if you could fit into the company culture
Before accepting any job offer, consider whether or not how your personality would be able to adapt to that particular environment. For instance, if you're a shy introvert, perhaps working in a busy school or learning centre might be a struggle for you. Or if you have limitless energy and have to be physically active throughout your day then a job in IT might not be a great fit. 
And when going a little deeper when discussing company culture, there are other factors to consider as well. From your interviews, does the company's beliefs and values match up with yours? If you’re struggling to determine this, do as much online research on the company as you can - this includes company reviews and exploring their social media too. 86% of job seekers cite that they’ve actively avoided companies with a bad reputation, millennials in particular seek out employers that value cultural fit and diversity. 
The salary isn’t going to cover your basic needs and lifestyle
If the pay doesn’t realistically meet all your monthly expenses - you’ll likely regret it very quickly and wish you had held out longer for a better suited role that wouldn’t have you stressing out about your finances. Even if on paper it sounds like your dream job, would it be sustainable long term. 
But if the role is too good to pass up, think about these questions: Could you downsize? Could you make money on the side? Could you confidently cover your major costs each month? Is the job really as amazing as you think? 
Perhaps, most importantly: Is the salary negotiable? Believe it or not, 70% of hiring managers don’t expect candidates to accept their initial salary advertised. There might be some wiggle room to get your ideal salary afterall! 
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