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Useful Transferable Skills for Switching Your Career

Making the decision to redirect your career trajectory can be exciting and nerve-wracking at first. But when you know it’s time to close one chapter and move onto the next, having the determination and passion to move on to something else comes naturally - it’s just about taking the time to think over how to approach jumping into a new sector. 
Questions that might be going through your mind could include: How can I take the skills I’ve acquired and use them in a completely new field? How should I begin to approach navigating this transition and strategize a plan of action for my future career? Some people are too weary to even take next steps and stay in jobs they despise -  be proud of yourself for knowing when to make that shift and evolve your professional growth in a direction that makes you happier. Changing careers should feel empowering afterall, not put you in panic mode! 
With the current state of the world and the ongoing pandemic, 41% of global workers have expressed the desire to hand in their notice. This bounces up to 54% of 18-25 year olds. Older generations are being held back from upskilling themselves too - only 25% of 50-59 year olds feel encouraged by their current employer to take on new development and learning opportunities. However, delving into a new sector is far more attainable than a lot of people might think. In fact, 90% of employers from a recent UK survey stated that transferable skills are highly desirable, particularly: communication skills, problem-solving, teamwork and being innovative. 
Ready to start deliberating alternative career choices? Let us help to start you off! Here’s our rundown of transferable skills you might have that could merge and operate well within a new, more appealing sector.
Transferable skills for breaking into the IT and Tech sector: 
Looking to shift careers into an emerging field? Tech is a great choice and transferable skills are desperately needed to elevate the sector. Problem-solving is a skill that is definitely needed, knowing how to squash issues and create effective solutions are core components of what makes an excellent web or software developer
Taking a course in either area and learning how to code could springboard you from an unfulfilling job to a highly paid, creative career.  Being a creative thinker is also appreciated by employers, as successful technological achievements are often powered by out of the box thinking. 
Strong analytical, presentation and listening skills are needed in Cyber Security right now. So if that matches up with your professional background, you’ll find transitioning into a position in this area worth your while. 
Want to make a real difference? Transferable skills for opting for a career in Education: 
If you’re aspiring to becoming a Teaching Assistant, you can really draw from skills you’ve built up from previous positions. From: time management, organisation, leadership, collaborative working, communication, planning and attention-to-detail. These skills can be directly applied to the classroom to help reinforce students' learning, class management and creating a solid relationship with the teacher you're working alongside.
 And if you’re leaning towards becoming a SEN Teaching Assistant, relevant skills would include all the above and: patience, being calm under pressure, sensitivity and understanding. If you interview for a job like this, providing examples of how you’ve implemented these skills could help you tremendously! 
Switch to an active position! Use your transferable skills to become a Personal Trainer: 
Love being active and want to have a career helping others? Personal Training can help to escape your 9-5 desk job and create a career in the gym or lucrative business for yourself as a freelancer. You don’t need to have previous experience in the industry to get started either. 
Handy skills to have in your arsenal before starting off include: great emotional intelligence, self-motivation and the ability to inspire others, patience, empathy and communication skills. 
Investing in a course can provide the additional theory, technical knowledge and business acumen needed. 
Got impressive numerical skills? Take your transferable skills into a career in Finance: 
Obviously, knowing your way around a calculator and being able to crunch numbers is ideal for redirecting your career into the financial sector. But if you’re looking to make your mark as an Accountant or Bookkeeper, there are other advantageous skills to have under your belt. These include: critical thinking, attention to detail, adaptability and organizational skills. 
When handling a company or clients funds, they’ll be reliant on you to keep the accounts and balance sheets up-to-date and well maintained. Critical thinking is definitely needed to deduce the story behind the numbers too and communicate this to your employer.   
If multitasking is your strong suit, take those transferable skills into an Event Management career: 
Swapping your career to work in event management gives you the chance to throw parties, weddings, galas and birthdays - you’ll never have a boring day! Skills have crossover well into event management vary from: negotiation, budgeting, networking, multitasking and planning. 
Having a background working closing in client relations and building strong business relationships is a great foundation to entering the event management industry too. You’ll be focusing on executing your clients vision for all aspects of the event and ensuring it all comes together seamlessly.
Looking for the next step to swap careers? Take a course with us at The Training Room!
If you’re interested in finding a course to reflect your newfound career ambitions, we’ve got a lot to offer at The Training Room. 
We offer a fantastic career support service upon completing your chosen course as well as the opportunity to be interviewed by one of The Training Room’s corporate partners. Your new career might be off the ground quicker than you think! 
Here at The Training Room, we happen to have an ideal selection of e-learning programmes that focus on all the above, specifically: IT and Digital, Microsoft Bootcamps, Nutrition, Personal Training, Teaching Assistant, Event ManagementBookkeeping and Accountancy and courses. 
Earning a qualification and receiving dedicated training from our online tutors would have a considerable impact on your career goals and make the kind of lasting change that will directly impact your future. 
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