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Tips And Tricks To Make Your Career Change As Easy As Possible

Gearing up to make a career change? If you’re not satisfied in your current position or feel as though you can no longer grow professionally in your industry, it’s time to sit back and ponder your next move. Trust us, a lot of people share your desire to shift gears and are eyeing up a new career! 
A staggeringly high percentage of UK employees are unhappy in their jobs with 47% of workers stating they’re not sure they’re in the right job. And there are quite a few contributing factors for this discontent among UK workers! According to a Careers in Depth survey, 39% of workers are seeking opportunities with a higher wage, 35% want a greater work/life balance while 34% simply want an increased sense of job satisfaction. 
If you’ve got your heart set on another sector and have just started figuring out your plan of action, we’ve got a couple of tips to hopefully accelerate the process and start getting attention from recruiters and hiring managers to find yourself in a better fitting role! With 77% of career switchers feeling more cheerful and 69% more fulfilled, don’t ignore your instincts if it’s time to take on new challenges!  So trust the process and get yourself out of your current career rut for good: 
Don’t go into it half-hearted! Make the commitment to switch careers 
In order to gain real, timely results, you’ll need to really invest yourself in the process without hesitation or procrastinating. Make the decision and go for it in other words! 
That means actively tweaking your CV, cover letters, scouring the job boards regularly, conducting industry research, developing connections and gaining new qualifications. Figuring out the necessary steps and getting through all the tasks on your list to reach your end goal! Allocating and scheduling time to focus on your career switch around your current commitments. Set goals and deadlines for yourself. The more time you take to seriously work on your action plan, the quicker you’ll be out of your unwanted job! Embrace the journey too.
Rebrand yourself, rethink how you're able to present yourself
To target a whole new audience, it’s wise to adjust how you show yourself on paper. The quicker a recruiter can understand you and how you might be beneficial in the role, the easier your transition is going to be. Craft your career narrative with your desired job in mind to display your abilities with where you’re looking to apply them - it makes it a lot easier to connect the dots for other people. Be clear when presenting your motivations to apply for the position and how your transferable skills would be useful to the needs laid out in the job description. 
For example: if you’ve got a background in customer service and want to go into the education sector, you're going to want to highlight your communication abilities, adaptability, conflict resolution, and emotional intelligence. Alternatively, if you’ve got experience in the food service industry and want to get into event management, key aspects to highlight would be: multitasking, having great social skills, attention to detail and teamwork to name a few!
You can provide examples of your achievements and solutions that come to mind when writing a cover letter. Avoid pigeonholing yourself in the industry you’re looking to step away from. 
Make new connections, embrace online networking 
Cover all your bases! With 80% of professionals stating creating business connections has elevated their careers and 85% of all jobs being filled by networking, it’s worth talking with recruiters and making connections on LinkedIn.
 By making new connections with those who are involved with your desired industry you’ll gain exposure, discuss upcoming opportunities with recruiters and professionals as well as find alternative sources of career advice and support. Some don’t hesitate to start reaching out online to heighten your changes for landing a new job! 
Think of how you can realistically get to achieving your goals 
When creating your action plan, think about all the necessary steps that will allow you to make a career jump into a completely new section. Yes, changing up your CV and making connections will help the process but there’s likely other steps to take that’ll be required in order to find the type of new role you're looking for. It’s about figuring what it’s going to take to really get there.
For you, this could mean investing in qualifications, classes or licenses. Research your ideal position and look up the key requirements to get yourself through the door. Even if taking a course or class isn’t going to be mandatory, it’ll boost your CV and show hiring managers that you’re keen to delve into the sector you’re looking to get into. Maybe this process might take a bit of time to obtain what you need, but in the scheme of things, it’ll be worth it! 
Learn new skills and get qualified - take an E-Learning course! 
If you’re looking to prepare yourself for a clean slate in a brand-new job, there’s nothing like an E-Learning course to gain the encouragement and education you need to get ahead. It shows potential employers that you're dedicated to learning new skills, taking initiative as well as finding the means to improve yourself. 
It’s a fun, flexible option to learn from home and while actively working towards obtaining a qualification in your desired field. It’s also super efficient! Research states student retention rates increase 25-60% when studying entirely online. 
Those embracing E-Learning opportunities cite the importance of working at their own pace and being comfortable in their surroundings. Up to 69% of E-Learners from a separate study state the main advantage as being able to have access to learning materials from home. 
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