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Best Apps for Mental Health 2020

The annual World Mental Health Day has just passed (10th October) and to recognise the importance of this day, we’re going to explore some of the best apps which can be used to combat mental health, in all its forms.

Mental health is an extremely broad subject and holds a vast array of conditions, so it’s important to remember there is no ‘one fits all’ solution. We will try our best to include apps that address more than just one condition as there are so many out there - from anxiety, to anger, to OCD, to depression - though, you should do your own research into apps that are designed with specific conditions in mind where necessary.

Note: All apps that we recommend below are free to use. Apps are also just one method of coping and can be used alongside other forms of support.


Who is it for: This is a highly rated app for generalised mental health, combatting issues such as depression, moodswings, anxiety, stress and more. It has been developed on the premise of getting your mental shape ‘fit’, as you would your physical shape.

Why is it effective: MoodFit teaches you what underlying factors can actually affect your mood, such as quality of sleep or how often you exercise. It can then provide you with suggestions and daily goals which are trackable so you can see if and how it helps! 

There’s also a section on CBT - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - which can support and train you in reducing or removing obstructive thoughts.

Unique features: MoodFit allows you to perform your own tests, for example removing an aspect of your life which you suspect affects your mental health, and logging the effectiveness.

Available on Apple Store and Play Store.


Who is it for: Dare is an app aimed at targeting people with anxiety, panic attacks and excessive worriers.

Why is it effective: It allows users to effectively track progress; particularly with the use of a daily log where you can rank your day and enter information for which you can refer back to. It also uses scientifically proven methods, such as meditation and challenges, to explain certain feelings and to encourage tension relief.

Unique features: Dare contains a wide library of audio clips, dictated by a soothing voice, which can be played when users are feeling a certain way, be it stress or even struggling to fall asleep.

Available on Apple Store and Play Store.


Who is it for: This is another app with a general focus, but with specialised offshoots; covering general worry, anxiety, phobias, perfectionism and more.

Why is it effective: With a heavy focus on cognitive-based features, Mindshift provides tools for users to learn more productive ways of coping and thinking, with an end goal of making a lasting change - not just a quick fix.

Unique features: Supported and endorsed by multiple universities and mental health clinics in Canada, Mindshift is a more scientifically-based app than others.

Available on Apple Store and Play Store.


Who is it for: Developed by real mental health professionals, this app aims to support people struggling with depression and anxiety by assigning the user ‘missions’ designed to improve users’ mood surrounding different topics.

Why is it effective: MoodMission provides users with tailored objectives, or ‘missions’, which is essentially an activity designed to improve how you are feeling. Each mission will come with instructions and a description of how it will help. These missions can be anything from learning how to breathe more effectively, to sewing, to running!

The user then has an opportunity to log how helpful each mission was, with the goal of finding out exactly what does and doesn’t work for their personal situation.

Unique features: A mandatory in-depth initial assessment helps to provide MoodMission with the appropriate data to better support users.  

Available on Apple Store and Play Store.

These are just some of our favourite apps to use - please bear in mind that if none of these feel suitable, there are hundreds of apps out there which may be better tailored to a condition. For a more extensive list on both free and paid apps, view the NHS apps library.

The Training Room | 15/10/2020 11:00:00

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