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Career Route: What to Do Without a Degree

Career-Route-What-to-Do-Without-a-Degree-banner-01-1.jpgOver the years we’ve been told again and again that we’d need a degree to get a good job. But times have changed and now there are many other options on the table that can lead to a rewarding and satisfying career. In many cases you can save the time, money and effort of getting a degree with an alternative way of learning; if campus life isn’t for you, there are many other options available to you, including training courses and apprenticeships.

Let’s look at your options and weigh up the pros and cons of getting a degree and what you can still achieve without one!

Potential to earn more
Depending on the career you’re looking for, you can potentially earn around 60% more with a degree than entering the same field with just high school grades. You’re also much more likely to enter a role that’s higher up the career ladder than a position without a degree
Graduate schemes
Large companies and corporations look to hire graduates and offer excellent benefit packages to entice more applicants, including health insurance, company cars and bonus packages
Time management
Having a degree shows your future employer (or clients) that you can manage your time, study, work hard and can develop the skillset needed to complete the course. It also shows that you have the dedication to see things through to the end and because of this, you’re a worthwhile investment!

Getting a degree isn’t for everyone.
A lot of graduates wish they had taken the time to think over their choices and even delayed going to university until they know what they really wanted to do. Some even regret going at all, preferring to have taken that time to progress in a role rather than study
The debt is high!
Although you’ll eventually pay it off by earning a higher wage (think of it as an investment), you’ll still have a large debt to deal with for a long time, potentially even the rest of your working life!  
Irrelevant qualifications
Many graduates complete their education and then do nothing with their degree, meaning all that time and money went to waste
It’s all on you
You’ll be responsible for managing your own study time, so if you spend too much time having fun and not enough time studying, you may not get the grades you wanted, or worse, fail the course entirely!
It takes a long time
The work load is intense, and you’ll probably be spending a lot of time alone studying, writing essays and attending lectures. Studying this intensely for such a long period of time isn’t for everyone!

The Alternative
Learn quicker
You can complete some courses in as little as 5 weeks! Meaning you can start earning a living in your chosen career quickly, this is particularly beneficial if you’re planning to have a career in an area that has peak times, for example if you’re planning on being a PT, you may want to get qualified and set up before the New Year’s fitness rush!
Hands on support
Some career providers offer full tutor support with regular check-ins to keep you on track, this is really useful if self-motivation isn’t really your strong point!
International qualifications
Many qualifications are internationally recognised, meaning if you dream of working abroad – you can! This opens you up to earning even more money, especially if you’re qualified in certain areas like IT and education!
Learn flexibly
Most career providers have an online learning option, so you can fit your study time around your work and life commitments. Meaning you can earn while you learn rather than having a large debt hanging over you!
Career support
The best career providers also offer career support, so once you successfully finish your course, they help you find a job that’s relevant to your training. They’ll also help to update your CV and give you the best opportunity to outshine the other applicants.
Guaranteed interviews
Some alternatives even offer guaranteed interviews with corporate partners, although this is more common in the fitness industry
Affordable option
It’s cheaper and more affordable in the long run to opt for a training course – some career providers even offer funding options
Industry recognised qualifications
You’re not getting a degree, but it still means you’ll get industry recognised qualifications and certifications – ideal for launching your new career!
Start earning sooner
Not going to university frees up three years of your life that you can spend earning a living rather than studying!
If you don’t want to face the costs, time and career uncertainty of getting a degree, vocational training could be the perfect match. Learn more about our training courses below:

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