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Back to School and Your New Career!

Back-to-school-and-your-new-career-v2-01.jpgThinking about hitting the books and re-training? You’re not alone! These days more and more people are heading back to education to either change careers, develop the skillsets needed to earn that all important promotion at work, or refresh their certifications after taking time out of employment (for example to a raise family).

Whatever your reasons, re-training is a great way to make sure your skills, abilities, knowledge and certifications are up-to-date when you do look for that career change. You will be studying something you’re passionate about and you’ll end up with a stronger CV which will make you stand out in a competitive job market! It’s a win-win situation!

Whether you’re 25 or 55, going back to school as an adult will be harder than when you first attended, but that doesn’t mean it will be difficult – in fact you may even find it easier! Here’s why:
  • Chances are you’ve had a job and you’ll have gained real-life work experience from it. There are many skills that we pick up at work that are transferable in other situations (including education) such as time management, work load prioritisation, computer skills, communication skills and the ability to work under pressure (if you need to cram in some extra study time!)
  • As an adult, you’ve probably got lots on your plate and not a lot of spare time. But this can mean you’ll use your time wisely and when you do find the time to sit down and study, your precious time won’t be wasted!
  • Most students who attend college (or even University) are there for a good time and a social life and education can often come second on their list of priorities... as an adult, you’ll have the bigger picture in mind – you’ll be serious about finishing your course to gain that promotion you’ve worked so hard for or start the career that you’ve always wanted. This will inspire you to commit to your study time and finish strong!
  • Attending a course or studying online will give you access to expert advice from your tutors – a resource that you probably overlooked the first time around. This time, you’ll be eager to pick their brains and get them to help you along the way. You’re bound to have a ton of questions and your tutor will be happy to help – after all, they are just as passionate as about that subject, so go ahead – ask away!
  • Have a full-time job? Looking after the kids? No problem! Most adult courses are flexible to give you the time to provide for your family and balance your career and study time. Why not look at online learning options: you won’t even need to leave the comfort of your home to prepare for your future!
Back-to-school-and-your-new-career-study-01.jpgSome adults find it difficult to go back to studying due to fear of being the oldest one in the classroom, not having enough time to complete the course and not being able to fit studies in. Let’s put your mind to rest with answers to these common worries:
“I’m afraid I won’t fit in!”
Many adult students returning to education feel this way, so don’t worry, it’s normal and you’re not alone. However recent studies show that just over 40% of adults aged 25-64 in the UK are in some form of education or training. Keep in mind that you’re all there for the same reason and share the same passions and interests so it’s a great opportunity to meet and make some new friends from all different age ranges!
“I’m afraid it will take up too much time!”
Life as an adult is really busy and trying to fit it all into our daily schedules can be tough but studying for your future is worth the effort. Taking an online course can help out as you’ll be able to fit it around your work and family commitments and create your own study schedule to suit you. Here are 9 effective learning techniques that will see your success!
“It will take forever to complete my course!”
Depending on where you choose to study, it can take up to 2 years to complete a course, however there is another way! Here at The Training Room we offer some fast track courses to get you certified in as little as 5 weeks, or if you choose to learn online, you have the flexibility to opt for this instead. Interested in finding out more about e-learning? Here are the pros and cons of online learning to help you decide!
Back-to-school-and-your-new-career-online-learning-01.jpgHopefully we’ve busted any fears you may have had about returning to education and inspired you to reach for your goals and be successful in the career of your dreams!

Ready to hit the books and start studying for your bright future? Great!

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