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8 Signs It's Time for a Job Change

8-Signs-It-s-Time-for-a-Job-Change-02-01.pngThere was once a time when people would stay with the same employer for decades, if not their whole working life. But times have moved on and those days are long gone. These days people often leave their jobs for better opportunities or to re-train in a career they are even more passionate about after a couple of years.

According to recent reports, the average length of employment with the same company is just 4.6 years! However, the rate of self-employment has risen rapidly over the last few years and 4.8 million of us (around 15% of the working population) are now going solo and becoming our own bosses in the UK!

This clearly shows that we now place far more value on chasing our dreams and beginning a career in the sectors that we’re truly passionate about. It’s also great for the economy as businesses grow and open up employment opportunities to other people.

Whether you fancy furthering your knowledge and skillset or re-training completely and going it alone, changing your job no longer holds the stigma that it once did, but it’s a big decision to make! How will you know that it’s time to move on?

Here are the 8 signs to look for that will tell you it’s time for a change.

8-Signs-It-s-Time-for-a-Job-Change-image-1-01.png1. You feel like you aren’t growing or being challenged anymore
Your work should be fulfilling (or at least enjoyable) so if you feel like your skills and responsibilities aren’t growing and developing you may feel like you’re stuck in a dead-end career. However, it’s worth sitting down with your manager and telling them how you feel and talking through your options. It may be that there is no room for promotion within the company or it may be that you’ll need some updated qualifications in order to progress. It’s worth finding out what’s holding your career development back before you make any big decisions.

2. That Sunday evening feeling
You know the one when Sunday evening rolls around and you start thinking about all the things you’ve got to do at work tomorrow and that feeling of dread pours over you. While you know that some weeks are always going to be easier than others (in any job), it’s that gut feeling that you aren’t fulfilling your true potential and perhaps even feeling under-valued that’s a clear signal: it might be time to start looking for another opportunity that will have you loving Mondays again!

3. You’re becoming a negative Nancy
All jobs come with their challenges and sometimes having a little moan with your friends and getting it off your chest helps to release the pressure and gain some insight from their feedback. But if you find yourself complaining, feeling negative and becoming focused on what’s not working, it’s a sure sign that you’re ready for a change. In the UK we spend a total of 82,068 hours working over our lifetime, so it’s important to spend that time wisely doing something you really love!

4.  You’ve hit a ceiling
If you’ve been in the same position for a while with no sign of advancement for three or more years, it may be time to look for positions elsewhere if you’re keen to progress. It’s always worth speaking to your manager and seeing if there are any progression opportunities before deciding to leave though. Even if you don’t feel ready for progression just yet, it’s always a good thing to know what options are available to you in the near future.

5. Feeling indifferent
No-one loves their career 100% of the time and it’s normal for any job, even the dream careers, to come with their own set of trials and tribulations. When you find yourself feeling like life is passing you by and you feel indifferent about your job then it’s time to reignite your passions and have a change of scenery.

6. Taking work home with you
From time-to-time you may need to spend an extra hour at work to catch up on the to-do list, but if you are frequently staying late at work or taking things home with you it’s time to re-think your workload. We’ve all heard that saying “No one on their deathbed ever wished they’d spent more time at the office” and it’s important to have some downtime when you finish work to relax and unwind.
Working extra overtime hours, in the long run, stunts your productivity overall as you aren’t taking the necessary mental breaks to rest your brain. It’s great to be passionate and dedicated to your career, but it’s just as important to spend time with your friends and family and of course take care of your health once the working day is over. If your company over-relies on you or gives you too much to realistically handle, make sure you bring it up with your boss and try to reach a compromise on managing your workload. If things don’t improve it’s time to try somewhere new.

7. You don’t like your boss
Your boss is there to push you and guide the company towards a particular direction and sometimes they need to make decisions that we don’t always agree with – that’s normal. But if you feel you have a particularly bad boss, or you work in a toxic environment it’s time to move on! Give yourself a timeframe to allow the situation to improve (it could just be a rocky patch) and, if you can, try and speak privately to your boss, team members or HR department to tell them how you are feeling. If you’ve exhausted all your options, at least you can move on knowing you tried your best.

8. Your dream is going unfulfilled
Your talents and passions are unique to you and the world needs people who follow their dreams, no matter what. Where would we be if the Wright brothers didn’t invent the aeroplane, if Steve Jobs didn’t follow his techy passions and create Apple or if Arnold Schwarzenegger hadn’t competed in bodybuilding competitions?

If your current career isn’t providing the chance for you to shine and realise your aspirations, it’s time to take a second look!

8-Signs-It-s-Time-for-a-Job-Change-image-2-01-2.pngIf you are searching for a new job, you’ll soon get offers to come for an interview, so make sure you read this to learn our top tips on how to land that job!

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