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Changes in Further Education

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Despite, the recent concerns for school leavers looking to pursue mainstream college education; students shouldn’t worry if the reformed budget is approved, because The Training Room provide a compelling alternative to gaining the qualifications you need to start an exciting career.

Why should students be concerned? On 10th November BBC’s educational reported Judith Burns, proposed that the post-16 education budget is under scrutiny, and is not protected from significant cuts which could see 4 in 10 colleges closing; amidst the spending review on 25th November.

With the UK government aiming to tighten spending, Further Education has come under fire. *”Almost three-quarters of the budget goes towards Further Education colleges, so if the cut fell proportionally Further Education colleges would lose £1.173bn and sixth-form colleges £451”*.


  • With fewer spaces becoming available in colleges we can fill that gap and get young people in jobs quicker – In the wake of the potential changes to Further Education, we’re excited to place more of our graduates into a suitable career, much more quickly than the two years they spend at A-level.
  • The Training Room’s model could help alleviate a future social issue – Without Full-service careers providers like The Training Room we could see fewer young professionals as a result of what’s happening to college funding.
  • We can better the college model – For some of the students finishing A-levels and finding a suitable career can be challenging. Once you graduate with one of our courses, our dedicated career support team have a proven track record of placing students into their dream career.

As students are looking less inclined to study traditional A-levels, due to the changes to the budget, and move towards more vocational based qualifications; it’s an exciting time for a careers provider, like The Training Room, who are looking to grow, diversify and continue to positively change our student’s lives. If you’re interested in starting a new career with us click here

*Burns, J., 2015. Cuts could close four in ten colleges, says labour. (online). BBC. Available from: Accessed on 11/11/2015

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