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The Training Room Team Run The Bay

Bournemouth Bay Run Promo image
With just a week to go until the klaxon signals the start of the 35th Bournemouth Bay Run, The Training Room runners are hitting the ground hard in preparation.

We’ve been keeping up with their training to get you inspired – so whether you’re taking part in this year’s run, want to get ahead of the game for next year, or are simply looking to improve your technique, it’s not too late to show your support for the British Heart Foundation!

Welcome, TTR running team – Amy, Daniel, Steve and John!

How are you training for the run?

Amy – ‘After a year or so off, I decided to get back into my stride by doing the Park Run once a week. I use an app to monitor my time so I can keep improving. I’m also having PT sessions once a week and have been using HIIT videos on YouTube from The Body Coach to push my training to the next level!’

Daniel – ‘This is my first ever race! I’m a bit out of practice so have hit training hard by running every day – I want to push myself further every time and am using the 10k race to keep me focused (it’s the furthest I’ve ever run!)’

Steve – ‘I’ve found the best way of keeping on track is by training with a friend, so John and I are tackling the 5k together! We’ve been training as hard and often as possible – it already feels like it’s paying off!’

John – ‘Steve and I train together in the gym. I’ve found training with someone else is great as it’s keeping me focussed and motivated to train regularly!’

What’s the best training advice you’ve received so far?

Daniel – ‘My 11-year-old son very wisely said to focus on small goals that are manageable, so I’m taking that advice! I’ve set goals that are within reach so as not to be put off if I’ve had a bad run.’

Amy – ‘I have always been told that the best tips for runners is to warm up, stretch and foam roller after every run – it really helps to keep my muscles supple and avoid injury.’

foam roller

How are you fundraising?

All – ‘We started fundraising in the office with a bake sale – it went down really well with The Training Room team!

Some of us have also set up Just Giving pages as we want to raise as much as possible for the British Heart Foundation.’

The Training Room Bake Sale
Do you want to share your top training tips with our running team? Get in touch through our Facebook page by dropping us a message!

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