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Mr Lee's Noodles Feeds The Team!

Mr Lee's Noodles

We’re super excited to have Mr. Lee’s support us at the Bournemouth Bay Run; they’re generously donating 2,500 noodle pots to keep runner’s tummies full, without the guilt you get from regular convenience food.

Mr. Lee’s aren’t just any noodle. They boast ‘100% Tasty 0% Nasty’, because each pot is packed full of gourmet freeze-dried ingredients; that’s a massive thumbs-up in our books!

Because we only want the very best going into our Bay Run goody bags, we selflessly offered to taste test these fab noodle pots ahead of the Bournemouth Bay Run on the 2nd April 2017. You’re welcome. It’s no secret that the way to The Training Room’s heart is through our stomachs, and Mr. Lee’s certainly hits the spot!

Keep your eyes peeled for our taste review and don’t forget to grab one of our awesome goody bags from the Bournemouth Bay Run on the 2nd April!

Global Administrator | 22/03/2017 14:18:51

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