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Benefits of Online Courses to Help Change Your Career


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, the chances are that you’ve heard of e-learning. For those that are unaware or simply want to know about the benefits of online courses, here’s a quick run-down of what exactly online courses are and why you should consider them.

What is an ‘Online Course’?

Online courses, e- learning and distance learning are all one in the same. All take place via electronic means - be that a laptop, tablet, desktop or a mobile device - which has internet capabilities.

Typically the majority, if not all, of the learning for these courses takes place via online platforms and virtual training environments. Many people tend to wonder how to study online, and in truth it couldn’t be much simpler. For starters, they are usually accessible 24/7, need only an internet connection, is fully flexible and can be completed from anywhere in the world.

Why Do People Choose To Study Online?

The e-learning industry has grown by 900% since the year 2000. As online courses have become a more mainstream offering from training providers, colleges and universities it has allowed more people to access education and upskill whilst remaining in full-time employment.

According to research, there could be as many as 60% of online learners who also work full-time - 46% of online students citing their motivation to take online courses as coming from a desire to advance their careers.

The flexibility and accessibility of online courses means that they are especially suited to those who have time-heavy commitments, but want to expand their knowledge base; whether that be acquiring new skill or building on their existing ones.

In addition, here are some advantages of online learning:

  • Convenience - learn in the comfort of your own home without the need to travel to and from a classroom
  • Direct contact with an e-learning tutor - a specialist will be on hand to guide, motivate and answer your questions. These tutors will also provide scheduled check-ups to keep you on track during your studies
  • No classroom pressure - not everyone is comfortable learning in a large, classroom based environment. E-learning removes the pressure which can often be felt in classrooms, including keeping up with the rest of the class, and deadline pressures. With online courses you are in charge of the pace of your learning - no rushing means that you can develop a more comprehensive, deeper understanding of your subject area
  • State-of-the-art platforms - using the latest online technology, tools and materials in a user-friendly environment, online study has never been easier!
  • Route into employment - Some of the best online courses also offer routes into employment, whether that be from corporate partners, apprenticeships or jobs with the company itself.

Furthermore, according to studies, students of online courses can learn up to 5 times more material in less time than classroom based training.

Online Courses from The Training Room

So now we’re all on the same page when it comes to e-learning courses and their benefits. But where do we, The Training Room, come in? Easy!

Since 2006, we’ve been connecting people with the opportunities they deserve, helping our students to qualify in various industries. We’re also continuously exploring how to develop and expand our course offering - here’s the online courses that we currently offer:

  • Health and Fitness:

Personal Training

Strength and Conditioning


  • IT and Development:

Web Development

Infrastructure Technician

Network Specialist

Software Development

Cyber Security

  • Education and Teaching:

Teaching Assistant

  • Events and Tourism:

Events Management

You can read more about how online courses at The Training Room work, here.

All of The Training Room’s courses come with up to 3 years of career support, and you will also have a guaranteed interview with one of our corporate partners on selected courses.

Considering an Online Course?

If you’re considering an online training course to help you change your career then get in touch today! Our friendly advisors are waiting to help you take the next step. Alternatively, if you’d rather have us call you, you can fill out an enquiry form on the website.


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