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Traineeships on the Rise

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On March 25th 2015 BBC reporter Patrick Howse reported that adult education in England "will not exist by 2020" if government cuts continue. The report went on to state that “The Association of Colleges says 190,000 adult education places will go next year, as funding is cut by 24%”*, and warned that should cuts continue, the country could end up with no adult education system for those aged 19 upwards.

Whilst these statistics paint an alarming picture for the adult education system, the government’s Department for Business, Innovation & Skills have, the very same day, reported some good news for apprenticeships and traineeships; they both appear to be on the rise. The latest figures for the first half of the 2014/2015 academic year show apprenticeships soaring with almost 670,000 students learning whilst generating their own income during the first half of 2014, over 400,000 of which were 16 to 24 year olds. Traineeships in the meantime have continued to rise with 9,000 placements secured since August 2014. In the article generated by the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills, Government Skills Minister, Nick Bowles states “I am greatly encouraged to see the significant growth in traineeships. Despite only being in their second year, traineeships are equipping thousands of young people with the experience and skills essential for the workplace.”**

These articles strongly suggest that adult education in vocational skill sets which can be applied to specific careers and industries, are under increased demand. The education system in the UK is certainly a great asset, but students should be aware that it is also possible to accelerate this type of ‘earn and learn’ experience in order to get into employment quicker. An apprenticeship for example, can take anywhere between 1 and 4 years to complete, but the Training Room are offering a competitive alternative.

The Training Room offer courses in personal training, beauty and professional cookery and hospitality, offering qualifications in level 2 and level 3 respectively, which mirror that of the levels of qualification provided by colleges and sixth forms. The Training Room however, are able to help get students through their qualifications in a much quicker time frame of 6 weeks to 6 months (depending on course selection and style of learning), which means the student is able to reach their full earning potential far quicker. Additionally, The Training Room work with corporate partners who have real jobs available in the respective industries, for fully qualified, entry level graduates. Due to the strength of these relationships The Training Room are able to guarantee interviews for their graduates.

In 2014 The Training Room placed a significant 72% of beauty students into industry roles, with a massive 2/3 of fitness graduates securing personal training roles with The Training Room’s corporate partners. The all-new Professional Cookery & Hospitality course launching this April, promises to deliver an equally strong return on placing graduates into industry roles. This is thanks to The Training Room’s partnerships with leading industry partners such as Prezzo, the New World Trading Company, Macdonald Hotels and GLH Group (Thistle, etc.).

In summary, the move towards an increase in take-up on apprenticeships and traineeships, is great news for companies like The Training Room, and suggests that students are thinking more practically about how to ensure they are able to secure better quality jobs either during or after their learning experience.

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About the Author: Cleo Moffatt, Marketing Manager for The Training Room joined us in January 2015. With a rounded experience in marketing and a background as a qualified Personal Trainer, Cleo offers valuable experience and insight.



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