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Ben Gloss Personal Training Student

When I finished my A levels last year I realised that University wasn't for me and decided to work towards becoming a Personal Trainer. I have always had a natural ability for sporting activities and prefer being active rather than reading books 24/7. After joining the local gym I realised that it would be awesome to be able to work in a gym as it would allow me to train all day. I found a local gym where the manager was looking for someone to help him train people. I told him that I was planning on doing my Level 2 and 3 soon and luckily he said that I could work there while going through my training.

I looked online and found The Training Room which allowed me to do my Level 2 and 3 but also I could do the E-learning Course which would allow me to study at home and still be able to work. One of the great things about doing the E-learning Course was that it cut out the costs of traveling to and from Solihull, which was the closest place for me to do the 6 week course.

I found the E-learning Course helpful but the difficult part was motivating myself to study. However, it was clever how I could use the online course to help me study and the little exams at the end of each subject were very helpful. I am glad they used diagrams and videos as part of the teaching material because it helped build up that mental picture. My tutor was very helpful when I needed help on answering questions although there was a time delay between sending and receiving emails.

Now I have completed the course I am working in the gym I applied for and now starting to build up my client base within the gym.

Ben Goss

Global Administrator | 16/03/2012 16:58:34

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