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Post-Covid Careers: What Should I Choose?


The working-world has altered quite dramatically since the beginning half of 2020. While some industries like the restaurant business, hospitality, travel, tourism and traditional retail are taking significant downturns, rethinking or choosing a career post-covid may feel a little unpredictable and daunting. 

More than half (53%) of UK workers are actively seeking new positions directly as a result of the virus. In spite of this, there’s a lot of emerging career prospects out there that would be ideal post-covid. 

If you’re curious about what occupations are up-and-coming, have a read of what we believe are some front-runners that are worth learning more about: 

Growing opportunities in Tech and IT

Positions in the Digital sector have boomed in the job-market since Covid and it looks like there’s no sign of it stopping anytime soon! Within the UK, over 100,000 new Tech jobs have been made since the start of Covid. Tech skills are needed across all industries and IT professionals, software developers, data engineers (to name a few) are essential to adapt to the changed market brought on by Covid. In fact, the most posted vacancies on LinkedIn are for software developers. 

Right now, 82% of advertised jobs in the UK require a certain level of digital skills. If you’re weighing out the possibilities of a career in Tech, you’ll find that the industry is lucrative and seeking out individuals with transferable skills. If you enjoy art, that could translate really well into a career in UX design. If creative thinking is your forte, exploring coding and web development may be an ideal match. 

With the rise of online retail, at-home learning and increased dependency on app’s - there’s definitely room to maneuver into Digital for those who are interested. 


We need more Health & Nutrition Professionals

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, immune system and becoming conscious of a balanced diet has never been more paramount. Your body's a temple after all! With that being said, considering a career in Health and Nutrition has a lot of value going forward, with promising prospects at this moment and post-covid. 

The British Nutrition Foundation has cited that as much as 63% of people from recent research indicates boredom as the root cause of unhealthy meal choices and 29% of people are looking to switch up their eating habits to become healthier. 

And with plant-based diets becoming popular in recent years, the number of UK based vegans have jumped from 150,000 in 2014 to 600,000 in 2019. This can be attributed to growing online awareness of nutrition tips as well as a growing demand for healthy ingredients. 

Choosing a career in nutrition can lead to opportunities in wellness centres, gyms and academic institutions -  plenty of avenues to explore and ways to improve clients health. 

Getting people back into shape! Personal Trainers needed post-lockdown

Spending so much time inside self-isolating and avoiding too much interaction has unfortunately had a collective effect on the general public's waistline. Whether it be from extra snacking, demotivation, gym closures and just not being equipped to burn those calories at home. 

Since the start of the pandemic, 35.82% of people globally have gained weight - of which, over 71% put on five pounds or more. Now with gyms reopening and restricting beginning to ease again, personal training is becoming highly in-demand! Whether it be adapting to online personal training, outdoor training sessions and bootcamps or gaining an influx of clients at the gym. Research has shown that 53% of people are beginning to exercise more frequently. 

In April this year, 87% of people within the UK said they were actively looking to use gyms and leisure centres to get their sweat on post-lockdown. With this, a career as a Personal Trainer could be a transformative opportunity to those looking to help the public get fit again, not to mention rewarding.  

Did you know that 80% of all personal trainers work freelance and have the flexibility to create their own schedules? This might be another reason why personal training could work for you! 

Online education and getting students back on-track

With remote learning now completely the norm, therein lies a demand for more online teaching professionals and tutors across all ages. Whether it be in a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) capacity or maths, science and other skills. In April 2020, 1.2 billion children globally transitioned into online education. And with millions of families seeking extra homeschooling lessons, an influx of online teaching is needed.

You can set your own hours, focus on what suits your skillset best and meet interesting people everyday! 

In addition to this, it was reported that in 2020 teaching assistants were the most sought-after workers needed to fill skill shortages in the country. Post-covid, working as a teaching assistant would not only be a fantastic stepping-stone into further positions in Education but help restore function and understanding within the classroom. 

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