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Introducing Student Rewards

We value our students and graduates, that’s why we’re introducing student rewards. We’re bringing you a rewards scheme whereby you use social media to be a true Ambassador of The Training Room. But this isn’t just about the take, we want to give you awesome rewards in return.

As an Ambassador, we’ll reward you for spreading the word about our latest offers, promotions and course announcements. You could be earning awesome rewards, like Starbucks gift cards, Amazon vouchers, money off our courses and loads of discounts, for social sharing through our handy tool, Social Referral.  You could even receive a massive £400 when one of your friends starts a course with us!

What is Social Referral?

Social Referral is a clever platform that helps you earn student rewards. It gathers the best of The Training Room’s posts, blogs and updates in one space, so you can find content you know your friends will want to hear about. You’ll then be able to share these with your friends and connections through your favourite platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Whatsapp (and more!)

Be one of the first to sign up, or have a look around by using the code ttr-ambassador.

Start earning rewards

It’s really easy to start earning rewards. As a student or graduate of The Training Room, we’ll award points when the posts you share gets attention. Let’s look at an example:

  • Look through Social Referral and find a post you like

  • Share, let’s say our top tips, through Social Referral to Facebook

  • Your friends read the blog, comment on your post, or even book a course with us

  • We’ll load your account with points!

We award points that reflect the level of engagement on each of your shares, for example:

  • Earn 10 points for sharing a post

  • Earn 250 points if your friend receives a course offer after applying from your post

  • Earn 500 points if your friend attends a course thanks to your post share – and bag yourself a whopping £400!**

Reach for the stars

As you build up your points, you may be wondering what happens to them. We’ve got a really handy system that helps you progress through the student rewards scheme and lets you achieve star goals. We want to give you awesome goodies, so we’ve made the steps to the next star goal super achievable. Take a look at an example of the star goals:


You’ll first progress to the bronze star, and as you start to build up your points, you’ll soon be hitting silver, gold and platinum goals. At each stage, you’ll receive incredible rewards. To whet your appetite at the bronze goal point, you’ll receive something like an Amazon gift card, or Starbucks voucher*.

Don’t forget, you’ll also get £400, straight into your account**, every time your network starts a course with us off the back of your referral! Just keep a look out for the pound symbol on posts in the Social Referral feed and share them – if someone starts a course thanks to your post you’ll be a huge £400 better off! The more you share, the more you can earn.

Start earning rewards

As soon as you get started earning rewards, there’ll be no stopping you! The more you share, the more chance you’ll have of earning extra points. Share cleverly (by this we mean, think about what your friends want to see, and you think they’ll engage with) and you’ll be progressing through the star goals quicker than you’d expect!

Ready to become an Ambassador for The Training Room? Head over to Social Referral, register with code ttr-ambassador and start earning rewards for social sharing; it’s that easy!

The Training Room | 26/07/2017 15:33:23

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