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It's Tour De France Time

Personal Training Students laughing on bikes

There’s nothing better than the excitement of sports to motivate you to get fit! And right now, we’re supporting Tour de France and the super-fit cyclists that make the race what it is – exhilarating, tense, thrilling!

With 21 stages making up Tour de France, the cyclists always have another opportunity to dust themselves off and try again if they’ve not achieved what they had set out to in a particular level. With no time to dwell, the cyclists move on to the next stage, aiming for the finish line to be engulfed by triumph.

Across all kinds of terrain, it is no easy ride. Working hard and achieving results is not always a smooth journey. It requires determination and dedication. It requires strength and a positive mental attitude. And never does it require self-pity. To get to the finish line, you have to battle through the tough times as well as sailing through the good times.

So how has Tour de France motivated you? Are you hooked to the television screen in awe? Are you ready to take up cycling and get fit? Are you thinking of building a career out of your love for fitness and exercise?


When you put your mind to it, you can achieve whatever you want to. So if you can envisage a finish line, run for it! In just 6 weeks’ time, you could be in a career that you love – you could be a fitness instructor or a personal trainer to help other people reach their goals too. So if you can see yourself in one of these roles, then enrol on the course, get qualified and get motivated so you can enjoy a job where you motivate others and love what you do.

Our personal trainer courses start every two weeks, so the opportunity to enrol in one of our fitness courses is always there and always accessible. With practical training and assessment sessions, you’ll receive all the support you need to achieve your ambition of becoming qualified in a job you love and beginning an exciting new career.

So chase your dreams and head for the finish line. You can do it!

Global Administrator | 16/07/2014 12:47:42

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