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Welcome to 'FutureScale'


Welcome to FutureScale, a technology skills initiative for the UK market! It’s being launched by two tech leaders to provide sustainable, scalable and ‘industry ready’ tech graduates for your business.
FutureScale is being spearheaded by:
  • The Arrows Group - one of the UK’s most respected talent providers
  • The Training Room - the UK’s No.1 social impact, education and careers provider
The key areas of focus include:
  • To have a positive and significant impact on the UK employment profile of passionate and motivated talent to work in the tech sector
  • Provide innovative employment and talent acquisition-based offerings for UK business
  • To bring the #WomenInTech agenda to the forefront of UK business
The Background
There are currently 42,000 ‘traditional’ IT vacancies and 74,000 across newer areas of tech related employment, including coding, software development, web development, gamification and other IT industry related roles*.
That’s over 100,000 vacancies in the IT sector that are currently unfulfilled.
We want that to change and are committed to making a significant difference in the IT sector by creating new avenues of opportunity for talented people. We’re employing innovative ways of engaging both the UK employee and employer market to make a significant difference in closing the gap of unfulfilled roles.
The Partnership
The experience and pedigree of one of the UK’s most respected talent providers, Arrows Group, coupled with the access to fresh pools of talent from The Training Room will transform how your business fulfills vital IT and technology roles.
We’re challenging the established forms of talent acquisition with a tailored service to meet your business needs.
We will be looking to engage already qualified talent to fill your vacancies and we’ll work together to educate and graduate new talent in the UK market. This means that as an employer, you can work with us on innovative recruitment strategies to make a significant difference to your business.
What key disciplines are we initially focused across?
The partnership will initially focus on working with employers to fill vacancies across:
  • Software Development
  • Web Development
  • Cyber Security
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Network and engineering
  • Specific coding languages to meet your business needs
  • UX designers and developers
  • Data analytics
How Can You Access the Programme?
Both CEOs from the partnership are committed to making a huge difference to the UK IT employment and vacancy market. If you’re a business with vacancies for IT related talent you can contact either CEO directly:  
*Source: Office of national statistics – Oct 2017 


The Training Room | 29/01/2018 10:45:00

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