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I Hate My Job - You Are Not Alone

24%25 millennials hate their jobs man at desk
It’s official, millennials (18-35) hate their jobs.

Using bespoke research carried out by The London School of Business and Finance (1) alongside research carried out by The Training Room (2) we looked at the percentage of millennials who hate their jobs. We were truly shocked by the results.

66% of Millennials Want to Change Career 1

As a nation, we hate our jobs. A whopping 47%1 of us want to make a career change. When broken down by age group we can see from the data that 66% of millennials want to change careers, with 54%1 of these people saying that they would be ready to make a career change within the next 2 years (26%1 of millennials say that they are looking to make a change within 12 months). Collectively, out of all age groups millennials detest their jobs the most - 24%2 in fact.

Why Do Millennials Want to Change Career?

In research carried out by The Training Room, it was discovered that 32%2 of millennials asked detested their lack of future prospects, with 30%1 of 25-34 year olds citing that they actually regretted their chosen career.

Further, 54% millennials asked by LSBF said that increased salary prospects motivated them to change career, with 26% of those asked citing that perceived status was a driving factor for them changing careers.

In addition, the research has shown that this is dissatisfaction in the workplace. A massive 50%2 of all millennials say that they hate taking orders and 17%2 openly admit to hating their boss. Generally speaking, millennials are happy with the people that they work with; only 5%2 surveyed said that they hated their colleagues - however, 19%2 still said that they hated their work environment and 25% of millennials asked said that they think their current job is ruining their health.

The Training Room infographic showing what people hate about work

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Fear is The Biggest Factor in Millennials Not Changing Careers

There are many reasons which millennials cite for not changing careers, but they are all linked by one thing; fear.

41%1 said that they are scared of the prospect of lack of financial security by leaving their current job and 22% that the fear of failure held them back.

20% of millennials fear that they don’t have the time to invest in changing careers and a further 16% state that they have concerns about disruption to family or social life.


Make This Year The Year To Change Career

Overall the research shows that we are a nation unhappy in work, especially the millennial generation.

As a generation we are scared to leave our comfort zones, we fear failure and we fear disruption to our work/life balance. But is this a reason to stay in our jobs with long hours? Taking too many orders from horrible bosses, all while hating our working environments and risking our health?

No. It is not.

You are not alone in hating your job, you are part of a generation of misery. But you can do something about it.

Make this year the year to change careers, maybe become your own boss in a career which you don’t hate and doesn’t make you feel dejected on a daily basis.

Why not take a training course this year and put the power into your hands, where you can train for a career to be your own boss, work the hours you want and in a work environment that you love.

The Training Room can help you make that change. So this year, make the resolution to change careers - what is stopping you?

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