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No Experience? Here’s How To Get A Job You’ll Love

Here’s How To Get A Job You’ll Love Banner
So, you've decided it's time to look for a brand-new job, as you explore through your options, you start getting this daunting realisation you haven't gained the skills required to be accepted for any of these roles.

It's time to stop panicking; the fundamental thing you need to understand is that all the skills described on a job description aren't required. Most employees are welcoming to getting to know somebody on their personality and strengths combined. So, even if you potentially possess fewer skills then someone else, you may hold the characteristics to fit the business considerably more.

Check your CV

Are you not getting interviews for the roles you are applying for? Are you finding that as soon as you have sent out your CV you are receiving an email stating your application isn't advancing any further? More than likely, the stumbling block is your CV. Make sure that your CV is up to date and has no mistakes. You can get some excellent tips on how a CV should be done here.

Are you applying for the right roles?

If you have been hunting for a job for a while, you may need to consider whether you are applying for the roles that are your best fit. If you are attempting to get a position where the company are seeking someone with years of experience, and you don't have that, it's doubtful you'll be accepted. Everyone needs to start somewhere; if that means beginning your career journey in a position that doesn't pay as much as you desire or isn't the specific role or location you want. As soon as you can start adding experience and skills to your CV, the likelier you are to get the job you'll love.
Ask for feedback

So, you've had the interview, and they called to say it's a no, what should you do? Never let a no get to you, this is one company of many, and it doesn't mean you don't have the skills or passion for the job role, just this one isn't for you. The best thing to do isn't to have any resentment or anger towards the company for not choosing you but to ask them for their feedback so you can grow and develop for the next interview – most employees are more than happy to provide feedback. You can also read our helpful blog on ways to smash any upcoming interviews here.

Here’s How To Get A Job You’ll Love
Get to your goals a different way

You know what you want to achieve and where you aspire to be, but you don't possess the experience, but you do hold skills in separate areas. One way of accomplishing the job you will love is by working your way up the career ladder in a company. Just because you don't begin working in the exact job position doesn't imply you can't work your way to it.

As an example, you desire to get into marketing, but you currently have a CV full of administration roles. Well, does your company currently have a marketing team or a position they are willing to invest in you and take a risk? If you have already created a significant impact at your company, they are more inclined to give you a chance, and if all else fails, you’ll most probably have your former job to fall back on.

Work Experience

If you are fresh off the block and possess no experience at all, your best chance will be to start by volunteering. This is a fantastic method of advancing your abilities and getting an understanding of the working world. It will also look impressive on your CV to recognise that not exclusively do you have the experience, but you happen to do it in your personal time and unpaid. Several charities are forever desperate for volunteers, and it's an excellent approach to help the community and have some social time.


Some roles will expect you to show not only skills but qualifications, one example being Personal Training. Many colleges, universities and online training providers can offer these qualifications, including The Training Room. If your dream job requires qualifications or you crave to expand your knowledge in a field, check out our qualifications now.  

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