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Christmas Career Survival Checklist

As Christmas is swiftly approaching its cheers and celebrations all around, but don't let the festive season be an excuse to prevent progression in your career. We have put together a quick guide on the most beneficial ways to use the Christmas period for both personal and career development.

Christmas catch-ups

For most, the Christmas period can be a little sluggish and you may find you have more time spare in your day, or you may find the atmosphere in the office seems to slow down. This can be a good time for you to catch up with colleagues, old and new, and connect with departments that you may be looking to shift to if the opportunity arises. Becoming more social and getting yourself known with the right people can be very beneficial when it comes to career development, especially if you're looking to make a significant switch in your career. People are more open to getting a drink and socialising over the Christmas period, so take every opportunity to extend your network.

Work while you party

So, you are at your Christmas party, do you enjoy yourself and have a couple too many mulled wines or do you stay sober and keep to yourself, or do you find a happy medium? Use the Christmas party to relax and enjoy yourself but remember you are still in a work setting, so you don't want to get back to the office with any regrets of cringeworthy actions. The best way to gain from a work Christmas party is by staying polite and speaking to everyone to build new and strengthen old relationships with colleagues. Like the Christmas catch-ups, speak to everyone you want to get to know better.


It’s time for a reboot

While you are away from the office with some time to spare, take this opportunity to reflect on your career situation, where you want to be, and what needs improving. It's always easy to figure out your career aspirations while you aren't in your immediate work environment. If you’ve ever questioned your career or when you think back over 2019 and don't feel like your pursuing your passion, maybe it’s time you start looking into a new career path.

Use your time wisely

While you have time to spare between catching up with co-workers and planning your next career steps, use your time to update your CV and LinkedIn profile. Even if you are satisfied with your current situation, it's always useful to have an updated resume if the time ever comes that you need one. You never know, that dream company could request your CV or has a browse onto your LinkedIn page, you don't want it to be outdated and not to show your genuine skills and experience. You can also use LinkedIn to search for job openings or to connect with potential companies you may be interested in working for.

Getting a new job over the Christmas period.

You may be thinking unless you're looking for a job in retail or catering getting a new job isn't achievable over the Christmas period, especially if you are looking on a permanent basis, but you'll be wrong. One thing that many people aren't aware of is that several companies finalise their year's budget during December. Often, during this process companies will find an unspent budget that if not used, could be lost or in turn have their budgets cut due to them not spending it. This knowledge can benefit you greatly because, in a lot of cases, this means hiring new staff members before January, which is a win for you in your current situation.

Can The Training Room help?

At The Training Room we consider ourselves to be experts in career transition and are more than happy to help with your next step. We can provide you with the relevant training and certifications and are here to assist you as much as we can, push you to do what’s best for you and get you into the career of your choice.

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