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Are you ready for #SummerFun?

Couple having fun

The weather’s warmer, the evening’s are lighter and the sun is shining - summer is here! But do you feel ready as you could be?

Why not take our quiz below to see if you are ready for summer? Whatever you’re planning to do this summer, whether that’s hitting the beach or a BBQ in a garden, we’ve got you covered.

Most importantly, if you’re keeping healthy and staying safe then you’re well on your way to becoming sun-ready! Summer is a great time to play beach games or experiment with cooking fresh food so make sure you’re ready to shake up your fitness regime.

Our quiz below will help you know if you’re ready for summer or not! Why not also check out the courses that The Training Room provide to give yourself a fresh start this summer? You could turn your passions or interest into a career! Click the button below to find out more.


Global Administrator | 02/08/2017 12:44:13

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